Kordel’s Active Oat 35™ Just Two Spoonfuls A Day to Keep the Doctor Away

Kordel’s Active Oat 35™

What do you usually have for breakfast? Well, the usual one for Malaysian are nasi lemak, roti canai, fried noodles and etc… Is this healthy? Of course not but why are we still eating it? because we love the taste and accustom to it. No wonder in 2011, the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) indicated that the percentage of Malaysians, suffering from high cholesterol has alarmingly increased from 20.7% in 2006 to 35.1% in 2011 – a staggering 10 million people, one third of Malaysians to date. 

We all know that breakfast is an important meal, why not start with something healthy for the day. How about oats? We knows about oats is high in fiber and its ability to reduce cholesterol. However some of us including me don’t like to eat oats is because the bland taste and grittiness. Plus one would need to consume a minimum of three bowls of oats a day for sixty days, consecutively to reduce the cholesterol level.

Mr. Joey Yeow, Assistant Product Manager; Mr Henrik Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Biovelop International AB; Mr Ho Swee Lin, General Manager of Cambert Sdn Bhd; Mr Daniel Zuellig, Director of Cambert Sdn Bhd; Mr Dino Goh, a lifestyle nutritionist toasting to a good health with Active Oat 35™

It is Impossible for me? Well now not anymore because I have Kordel’s Active Oat 35™. All you need is two spoonfuls of Active Oat 35™ Oat Bran powder to enjoy the full benefits of oats and its cholesterol lowering properties in easy, convenient to consume and tastes good. Kordel’s Active Oat 35™ extracts and condenses that important cholesterol lowering Beta-Glucan element from premium quality, Non-Genetically Modified oats through a patented Swedish chemical free and ethanol free process into a soluble powder.  Reducing the need to consume three bowls of oats (70g) to just two tablespoons a day.

Review Kordel’s Active Oat 35™: I had one spoonful added in my juices every morning before I go to work and another spoonful in the evening with water. 1 scoop of Kordel’s Active Oat 35™ (equivalent to 3g Beta-Glucan), mix with 250ml water or any drinks and shake well. Well, it is tasteless when mixed with plain water or best with juices. You can also add Kordel’s Active Oat 35™ in the soup, drinks and food.

Dino Goh, a lifestyle nutritionist demonstrating three healthy oats recipes
that can be easily done at home

There are some delicious recipes by Dino Goh, Lifestyle Nutritionist also. After a month I can feel that my bowel system improved and my body feels lighter. Yes, I did lose about 2 kilograms just my consuming 2 spoonful of oats and the rest of my routine remains unchanged. Before, I used to feel lethargic after lunch especially on a hot day but now not so often. I feel more energetic and my body is lighter. I hope my cholesterol level will also reduced, need to go for cholesterol test.

Active Oat 35™ works faster to reduce cholesterol, proven 
by a simple test on its ability to bind fat faster

What makes Kordel’s Active Oat 35™ different for others?

Superior Oats Quality
The superior quality of Active Oat 35™ starts with using PromOat™, the oat bran powder with 35% Beta-Glucan produced using the highest quality and non-genetically modified oats from Sweden. Oat bran, which is the outer layer of the oat grains, has more benefits compared to the common oatmeal made from oat grain because it contains the highest concentration of soluble fibre Beta-Glucan.

Better, Faster Absorbency
The cholesterol-lowering effect of Oat Beta-Glucan depends on the increase in viscosity in the small intestine. Active Oat 35™’s Beta-Glucan is uniquely extracted with a patented chemical and ethanol free separation process, which preserves the active benefits of Oat Bran Beta-Glucan. Not only does Active Oat 35™ helps reduce cholesterol the non-toxic, pure and all-natural way, its high concentration, high molecular weight and high solubility have offered a convenient and effective solution to achieve high strength Oat Beta-Glucan.

Taste Better
For those who have tried oatmeal before and did not like it, Active Oat 35™ gives you more reason to reconsider. It is neutral in color, taste and texture, making it versatile and delightfully tastier to be consumed by consumers with plain water or be it consumers’ favorite fruit juice.

Tested: on the left is Kordel's Active Oat 35™ mixed with oil and
on  right is Brand X Oat mixed with oil 

“The Oat Beta-Glucan found in Kordel’s Active Oat 35™ works faster because it forms gel more rapidly when dissolved in water. It has a smooth texture and tastes pleasant, without the usual gritty feel normally associated with an oat bran powder preparation. Therefore, it has been created in a smart, easy and tasty way to reduce the risk of heart disease,” said Mr Henrik Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Biovelop International AB. 


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