Pantene Color & Perm Hair Workshop: Women’s Common Hair Myths Busted

Pantene Color & Perm Hair Workshop

Last week, I attended Pantene Color & Perm Myths Busted hair workshop and event at ACME Bar & Coffee, Kuala Lumpur. During the event Pantene exposes the truth about women’s misconceptions associated with color and perm treatments. 

(Left-Right) Founder of Hair Atelier, Aaron Yap; Shoe Designer, Christy Ng; P&G Communication Manager, Ms Goh Seng Jone; Actress, Anzalna Nasir and P&G Asia Hair Care Scientist, Lais Koelle.

Hair  coloring  and  perming  have  long  been  a  woman’s  dilemma and mine also. During this Pantene hair workshop we discover that fading color and curls are not due to one’s hair condition but are caused by one key component – hair damage. 

The new Pantene Pro-V Colour & Perm Lasting Care range

Well, hair coloring, beaching, perming or rebonding is all chemical treated may be our choice for achieving an entirely new look, the thought of aftercare and maintenance can be off-putting. Yah! I have experience that and it takes not only money but a lot of time and effort to take care of colored and permed hair. 

(Left-Right) Women’s common hair myths: Busted!: Pantene Asia Hair Care Scientist, Lais Koelle; beautiful starlet, Anzalna Nasir; talented shoe designer, Christy Ng and P&G Communication Manager, Ms Goh Seng Jone were on hand to talk about the misconceptions associated with color and perm treatments

Pantene’s Color & Perm Lasting Care Range Inspired by these insights, Pantene  recently introduced  the new Pro-V Colour & Perm Lasting Care product range,  set  to  revolutionize haircare by allowing  women  to  achieve  their  desired  multidimensional color and buoyant curls, without compromising on their hair health. 

Welcome note by Ms. Goh Seng Jone, Communications Manager of P&G Malaysia

The workshop kicked of with the welcome note by Ms. Goh Seng Jone, Communications Manager of P&G Malaysia.

We play a mini hair experimen during the workshop 

Combining Pantene's signature Pro-V formula with the all new, Liquid Crystal Shampoo System; a technology that helps create a pseudo F-layer on hair, Colour & Perm  Lasting Care is specially designed to both repair and protect the durability of colored and permed hair, guaranteeing 6 weeks of rich and bouncy color perm satisfaction.

Hair Talk by Ms. Lais Koelle from Pantene Asia Communications Scientist

“Research reveals that hair gets damaged every time it goes through color or perm,  due to a loss of moisture and the destruction of the hair’s natural protective layer. Even  on healthy hair, if the damage from these chemical treatments is not repaired, the results are color that doesn’t last and curls that don’t hold up. The more damaged the hair is, the more apparent they appear to be,” said Lais Koelle, Pantene Hair Care Scientist.

The workshop was also attended by  rising starlet Anzalna Nasir and  talented shoe designer Christy Ng, who shared their hair concerns and experience with the new Pantene range. 

Anzalna Nasir, Actress

“As a model and actress, my hair is subjected to repeated coloring, perming and excessive styling for filming and photo shoots. You can imagine how worried I’d get when I get my hair processed. Even though the end results look great in photos and on screen, I still want my hair to remain healthy in its natural state. That’s when I think Pantene Color & Perm helps relieve some of my stress.I know that every time I apply the products, I’m reversing the damage that the chemical treatments have done to my hair, that feels good! ” quipped Anzalna.

Christy Ng, Shoe Designer

Christy  shared,  “I’m  creatively  inclined,  so  naturally,  I  like  experimenting  with  different  hair  styles and  colors.  But  more  often  than  not,  doing  so  would  result  my  hair  to  break  and  fall.  Ever since I discovered  that  healthy  hair  retains  color  and  shape  better,  I’ve  been  diligently  using  the  new Pantene Color & Perm products  to protect it  from  further damage. Having not to worry about hair woes gives me the freedom to express myself in any look I desire.”

Styling Made Easier with Healthy Color and Curls: Be it color or perm, healthy hair is  easier to brush, style and tame. The Founder of Hair Atelier, Aaron Yap who was  present to demonstrate a series of hair styles with colored and permed  hair summarized the event: “The foundation to any great style is healthy hair. When hair is healthy, it is more flexible, more bouncy and takes shape easily.”

The new Pantene Pro-V Colour & Perm Lasting Care range is now available at all leading pharmacies. 
Colour & Perm Lasting Care Shampoo 320ml RM 14.90
Colour & Perm Lasting Care Conditioner 320ml RM 14.90
Colour & Perm Lasting Care Daily Intensive Conditioner RM 14.90
Colour & Perm Lasting Care Intensive Hair Mask RM 14.90
Colour & Perm Lasting Care 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program RM 14.90

For more information and updates go to Pantene Malaysia Facebook Page

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