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Fashion Hunters

Fashion Hunters Episode Summary 

Episode #1 – Consigning Women
Meet Tara, Ambria, and Karina who are the lifeblood of upscale consignment store Second Time Around, located in New York City. Business is looking up when they consign a $6,000 dress once worn by J. Lo as well as authenticate two dresses potentially made by Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. They also visit the closet of socialite Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, who consigns items that will be worth over $3,000 of merchandise to the store. Plus, the staff will welcome a new employee, Wilson, who is brought in to build out the men's section. But when Wilson criticizes the current state of STA's collection, Ambria lets it be known, "If he's going to talk smack, then he better have the goods to back it up." She's not letting anyone destroy the delicate personality balance or the business of STA.

Episode #2 – Birkin Bash
Wilson does his first consign with several LaQuan Smith pieces brought in by LaQuan's manager. Ambria decides to throw a Birkin swap party to build relationships with current and potential clients who own these bags worth $10,000 to $100,000. She brings in Birkin Bag expert Michael Tonello to authenticate the bags, but things get tricky when she discovers that one bag owner may have a fake. Tara also has her work cut out for her as she tried to persuade a consigner to part with so she can snag a Gucci leather dress.

That’s all for episode 1 and 2, however I have the summary of Fashion Hunter from Episode 1 to 11 hehehe… will release it weekly. Bet your Monday evening will never be boring again. There are many more juicy stories going on after this and omg the brands like Donna Karan, Gucci, Christian Dior, Chanel, Issey Miyake, Lauren Bacall, Miu Miu, Proenza, Alberta Ferretti, Jackie Rogers, Just Cavalli, YSL, Tom Ford, Louboutin, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, J. Mendel, Christian Lacroix and many more.

Episode #3 – A Miyake Mystery
Ambria and Tara haggle it out with Karen -- one of their craziest consigners. Meanwhile, Ambria gets a call from her ex-boyfriend which sends her into a tailspin. Coincidentally, they have a closet visit with a relationship expert who not only consigns amazing Donna Karan and Christian Dior pieces, but who also gives Ambria some important relationship advice. Finally, Tara and Ambria meet with expert Simon Doonan to ask him to help them price an Issey Miyake suit – but it turns out the piece has a mysterious history.

Episode #4 – If the Shoe Fits
Karina, who is known for being pricing challenged, re-prices a piece of Lauren Bacall luggage at a higher price than Tara thought fair. Meanwhile, a consignor brings in two Chanel bags she bought at a garage sale and Ambria and Karina must determine if they are authentic. Karina also sets up a closet with the podiatrist to the stars who has hundreds of pairs of shoes they are hoping to consign.

Episode #5 – Road Trip
It's off to the Hamptons for the weekend! The STA crew consigns with Karina's Hamptons-based friend and Jackie Rogers, the famous former Chanel model and designer. They get a $3000 Alberta Ferretti skirt and two Jackie Rogers gowns, worth $5000 and $3000 respectively. But Ambria gets depressed when she finds that her shopping addiction doesn't mesh at all with her budget, and Tara and Wilson have a little tiff when Wilson tells Tara that he hates a dress she is wearing. Luckily, all turns around when they visit the luxurious mansion of a New York client and end up with a pair of $2000 Gucci leather pants designed by Tom Ford.

Episode #6 – Consigner Squabbles and Hot Male Models
Karina has to deal with Bentley, a difficult consignor who accuses Karina of trying to cheat her. Meanwhile, Wilson is tasked with building out the men's section, but when he brings in a new designer Erickson Valdez, Tara is less than thrilled with his outlandish pieces. Tara tells Wilson that they need more variety, but Wilson thinks this is just Tara’s code word for "boring" and that she doesn't want to take any risks with the section. Meanwhile, Karina invites Wilson out for dinner with her family and gets totally embarrassed when he talks about sex in front of her adorable children. But after a visit to model River Viiperi's closet, the whole team gets invited to the Jeffrey Cares fashion event on the Intrepid, and everyone has a chance to have fun and forget the drama of the week behind them.

Episode #7 – Eco-Fashion Party
Wilson and Ambria negotiate with a consigner for $1,500 Gucci pumps that they are dying to have for the store. Meanwhile, Tara and Karina visit a consignor at her home and get to see her complete eco-friendly renovation. Inspired by the sustainable home and hot trends in eco-friendly fashion, Tara decides to plan an eco-friendly party where they will promote eco-friendly designers like Samantha Pleet, whose show room they also visit. Wilson and Karina also try to consign a Just Cavalli jacket worth $2,500. Finally, tensions run high when during party prep Tara gets stressed and Wilson tells her that she is ruining his fun. This leads to Tara and Wilson getting into a drag out fight and Tara has to remind Wilson, "Don't f--king tell me how I need to be -- you're not responsible for the party, you're not responsible for the store." Thankfully, the tension fades and the party begins. The eco-designers area hit with the clients, and it seems like all is well among the staff one more time.

Episode #8 – The Promised Land
Tara and Ambria, with the help of Marie Claire Senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, have to determine if a vintage jacket is a real YSL couture piece. Meanwhile, Sex and the Citystylist Rebecca Weinberg comes into STA shopping for clothes for supermodel Julie Henderson -- her new client. She's looking for a vintage dress and STA doesn't have a vintage section big enough to meet her needs. But Ambria wants Rebecca so much as a client that she completely ignores this fact and tells Rebecca not to worry -- STA is her go-to for vintage. They will have the dress in a couple of days. Though Ambria is basically totally exaggerating, luckily, Karina has a family friend who runs a vintage showroom. The showroom wows both Ambria and Karina with their couture collection and one of a kind items. One of the dresses fits Julie beautifully and Rebecca is duly impressed. Meanwhile, Tara meets with a wild and crazy costume designer who has some amazing Miu Miu and Proenza shoes.

Episodic #9 – Price Wars
Ambria and Tara go about authenticating a vintage Valentino gown with the help of expert Keni Valenti, and Karina consigns jewelry worth several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, Karina and Wilson consign some Louboutin shoes that were supposedly custom made by Louboutin himself. But Karina seriously overprices the shoes, leading to a full staff fight where Karina throws a shoe at Ambria. Tara tells everyone to calm down -- they are all a team. But nothing brings the staff together like some good consigns.

Episode #10 – Generosity Gems
Karina has to appraise an interesting accordion purse which she believes may be worth close to $1000. Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck to plan a charity event. With visits to Peter Som, Alexa Ray Joel, and Kelly Bensimon, the team gets some amazing merchandise to auction off. But when the auction begins and their clients aren’t bidding, they fear they won’t make what they once believed to be their modest $6000 goal. Auctioning off a dress worn by J. Lo at the Latin Grammy Awards may be their last hope.

Episode #11 – Crazy for Coco’s Cuffs
Tara and Karina have to decide how much they will pay for Louis Vuitton and J. Mendel blouses given that the consigner is a celebrity stylist and a relationship with her is something they really, really want. Meanwhile, Tara and Wilson also deal with the antics of a crazily-dressed consignor who seems way too attached to her Christian Lacroix dress and Norma Kamali Parachute pieces worth nearly $4000. STA wants the pieces, but only at the right price. Meanwhile, Tara reveals some personal information to Karina and Ambria.

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