House Warming & Cooking Challenge

Hello Monday! Schools were closed today but my office operates as usual. I wore a mask to work, drank lots of water and stay indoor but still my throat is so dry and my eyes itchy. I think the haze condition is not getting any better. 

Anyway, this week is going to be busy and challenging week for me. Not only with my workload, chasing month end deadlines and on top of that I have to cook and prepare dinner at my bestie, Jenny's new house. Cooking in my own kitchen is different than using other people’s kitchen. At first I wanted to cooked and bring over to her house but the plan changed.

She just moved into her new home and completed the renovation recently, we decide to have a small gathering and play cooking (main masak-masak) in her kitchen. Wah lau! It turn out to be my turn to cook. Huh! I think the cooking is the challenging part for me this week. Not that I can’t cook but it’s the difficulties in finding all the ingredients that worries me a bit. I have decided what to cook but still hesitate I can make it or not.

Guess what I am going to cook this week? jeng! jeng! jeng! coming soon…


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