H&M Autumn Collection 2013 Preview

What do you think of this of mix and match, cropped jacket paired with peaked cap? For tomboyish and chic look. I was at Carcosa Seri Negara early this month for H&M Autumn Collection 2013 Preview.

Modern drama is at the heart of the H&M Autumn Collection 2013 was presented  first on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week and debuting in around 200 stores worldwide on September 5, as well as online. 

Created by H&M’s own design team, the collection mixes tailoring with glamour to create contrasts and it will be a drama with a tomboy spirit for women this autumn at H&M. 

The key garments for this Autumn 2013 Collection are the tailcoat, sequin dress, cropped ceremonial jacket, leather jacket, leather trousers, bohemian embroidered jacket, jersey trousers, chunky sweater, embellished shoulder piece. 

Well, this autumn collection will highlight the utilitarian shades from black and grey through khakis to off-white, metallic and shimmer from sequins; pop of red. 

You’ll find more wool, cotton, velvet, jersey, fake fur, leather, silk fabrics this September.  

Dramatic silhouette from tailcoats and great coats; glamour from delicate sequin dresses; ceremonial and utilitarian shape and detailing; bohemian spirit with embellished velvet; toughness of leather contrasted with softness of jersey pieces; texture from fake fur are the key details.

Tailcoats create a dramatic silhouette either long or cropped, while a variety of delicate sequin dresses add faded grandeur. Extra shine comes from the sequins and fringing of an embellished shoulder piece that can be worn over any outfit. A ceremonial jacket has a cropped, boxy shape, while leather jackets have a new vintage feel with mismatched buttons. 

Quilted leather trousers bring toughness, contrasted with the softness of embellished jersey trousers which are halfway between a legging and traditional cut. Bohemia comes from a heavily embroidered velvet jacket, while the chunky knit of a raglan sleeve sweater brings winter comfort. 

Accessories complete the contrasting mood, with mini-rings for every finger and small earrings for a punk-ish feel. Biker boots or flat shoes add a fresh twist, along with tassel belts, embroidered collars and vintage-inspired bags.

Check out the accessories such as mini-rings, mini-earrings, biker boots, flat shoes, tasseled belt, vintage-style bag, decorated velvet bracelets and embroidered collars too.

So much talking about women’s collection, now we move to men’s collection. H&M Autumn 2013 Collection For Men highlights contrasting shapes and new tailoring. Well, with H&M you’ll see something exciting every season, for Autumn 2013 will be the long coats, shorter jackets for a cropped look, dress pants even for casual wear, statement textured knitwear, hoods for urban protection in traditional tailoring cloths such as khaki, urban greys. 

Oversized double-breasted coats come in either melton wool with fluid lapels, or hooded for a sense of urban protection. 

Zip-up Harrington jackets and quilted short jackets give a neat city shape, while hooded parkas and a contrasting sleeved peacoat play with menswear’s heritage. You get defined silhouettes and a new take on traditional tailoring set the mood at H&M for men this autumn.

Pinstripe jackets nod to the traditions of tailoring, while a jersey blazer updates  them, and a slim-fit double-breasted shortened blazer offers a new suit cut. Utility references add toughness, especially with utility pants, while tailored trousers give the collection a smartened feel. 

All-over prints have evolved so that the printed tie now matches the printed shirt beneath, and there’s a big focus on knitwear, especially with a knit hoodie over a matching knit crewneck. Elsewhere, statement chunky knits provide their own special texture, with innovations in rib, twisted yarn, cable-stitch and even hairy sweaters. Accessories also provide updates on classics, with Chelsea boots and Derby lace-ups, alongside leather gloves, knit hats and peaked caps.

trying out the H&M Autumn 2013 Collection with Queenie 


  1. I love the Jacket on you! :) Thankyou for visiting my Blog :)

    <3 Chaicy

  2. OMG That jacket and cap is amazing! Totally what I would pick. Overall love the collection because it's dark and edgy and totally cool. <3

  3. The autumn collection looks really nice and keeps people warm as the climate shifts to a colder one.

  4. I like the jacket that close up the hip. But in my country, it is rarely when man are using that jacket style.

  5. wow so fast the autumn collection is out

  6. Oooh, this just looks like the kind of style I would wear! :D I can't wait to get my hands on a cap like that.

  7. hahah the jacket reminds me of MJ lor.. love the colours nude - black white


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