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Pregnant in Heels

This is a hilarious, entertaining and at the same time informative as well, from shotgun wedding planning and rock n’roll nursery makeovers, to daddy boot camps and even getting the baby into British aristocracy, Rosie Pope is the maternity concierge to the most affluent and hormonal expectant mothers in the city.

Pregnant in Heels is a docu-drama that follows maternity concierge, fashion designer, and pregnancy guru Rosie Pope as she guides expecting mothers through the joys and perils of preparing to have a baby. Rosie owns a high fashion maternity clothing boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and runs MomPrep, the premier training academy for mothers-to-be. With the help of her assistants Hannah and LT, Rosie runs the store, designs the clothing and takes on clients on a case-by-case basis to help them with all their bizarre baby needs. Each week, viewers will join Rosie and her team as they tackle two new clients and their pregnancy dilemmas.

Episode Summary: Pregnant in Heels Season 1

Episode #1 – Rosie Pope, Maternity Concierge
In the series premiere, meet Rosie Pope, maternity concierge, fashion designer, and pregnancy guru. Rosie's first client is expecting mother Sarah Rappaport, who lives in a modern New York flat with her husband John. Rosie is charged with baby-proofing their stylish home and preparing them mentally for their child. Best-selling author and thirdtime mom Samantha Ettus also needs Rosie's help. Obsessed with first impressions, she and husband believe the ultimate first impression is one's name. Rosie assembles a panel of experts to help them come up with the perfect baby name.

Episode #2 – Bedroom Blues
Rosie gets two new clients and faces a few new challenges of her own, including an especially personal trial for her husband, Daron. Rosie's first client, Tanya Shah, is a busy Strategy Consultant and second-time mother who needs help balancing the hectic schedule of a working mom. Rosie then seeks to help young couple Ali and Adam Hoeffer. Their first pregnancy has created huge intimacy issues and Rosie strives to bring the spark back to their love life.

Episode #3 – Baby Bump Bridezilla
Wedding bells are ringing as Rosie gets her toughest trial yet…a pregnant bride-to-be. Robyn Ross wants a shotgun wedding, but she's already nine months pregnant. Rosie's next client, Michelle Richards, is looking for the perfect godfather for her baby and has her sights set on British Royalty. She needs Rosie's help learning the ropes of centuries old British aristocratic traditions. Meanwhile, Rosie gets some news regarding her own attempt at another pregnancy.

Episode #4 – Clueless
Rosie has to balance the challenges of her own pregnancy with her new clients'. Mina Au, first time mother, has never even held a baby and is in desperate need of mommy training. Rosie also takes on a religious battle with Michelle Shaeffer and her husband Gary. Michelle is Catholic and wants to raise her baby in the Catholic Church, but Gary is Jewish and has other plans. Can Rosie help them find middle ground?

Episode #5 – Pregnancy Runway
Rosie takes on two clients from two very different worlds. Melissa Lustbader, a wealthy socialite with an entire staff waiting on her every need, asks Rosie to turn her baby shower into a high-end fashion show fundraiser. Rosie has her hands full throwing the party of the season for the Queen Bee mom. Rosie's second client is not the typical Madison Avenue mommy. Lisa Seabury and her husband Steve are heavy metal rockers who live in a one-bedroom apartment full of skulls and guitars that Rosie needs to make baby ready. On a personal note, Rosie and Daron have to make a tough decision that could change both of their lives forever.

Episode #6 – Birth-a-phobia
News personality Cindi Avila has a phobia of all things birth-related and goes faint at the sight of an IV. Rosie must help boost her courage so she can make it through labor and all the appointments that will follow. Rosie's second client, zookeeper Nicole Greevy, wants her help to arrange a surprise gift for her husband -- a portrait painted "au natural" on her horse. Rosie's ready to tackle this unique challenge, but plans quickly change when Nicole has a medical emergency.

Episode #7 – Couples Therapy
Rosie's newest clients are both dealing with tension in their marriage. Southern belle Diana Heather is set on having a bigger apartment before their second baby comes, but her practical husband, Ashley, has no interest in moving. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Patrick Vacarro struggle to keep their happy marriage intact with a third child on the way. Former opera singer Rebecca thought she won big when she snagged a younger man, but now she's worried he'll never mature enough to be the man she needs. Tired of treating him like a fourth child, she needs Rosie's help to save their marriage.

Episode #8 – Daddy Boot Camp
In the season finale, actor and kept-man Matt Fato gets the rude awakening that his next role will be Mr. Mom. His wife Lucy is pregnant and Matt needs to learn how to be a father as well as a mother when Lucy goes back to work. Rosie acts as drill sergeant and takes Matt through the most stressful time of his life, Daddy Boot Camp. Then Michelle Fitzer has a bad case of the nanny blues and is looking for a perfect nanny that only Rosie Pope can deliver.

Episode Summary: Pregnant in Heels Season 2

Episode #1 – Homebirth with a Side of Placenta
In the Season 2 premiere of Pregnant in Heels, America’s premier maternity concierge, Rosie Pope, is back and busier than ever! Rosie’s first client, Christina, has an intense request regarding her upcoming home birth. Across town, Rosie’s second client, Helena, and her husband are not having sex in the third trimester…and Helena will not stand for it anymore. Additionally, Rosie makes an exciting announcement to her staff.

Episode #2 – Taming the Tiger and the Terror
Rosie comes face-to-face with two completely different moms-to-be. The first, Eelain, is super-strict and wants Rosie to help her set the disciplinary tone of her household before her baby arrives by training her dog…and her lazy husband. Rosie’s other client, Jessica, is the exact opposite, finding it completely impossible to control her tiny terror six-year-old daughter Leah.

Episode #3 – When Baby Robots Attack
Rosie takes her husband Daron's advice and visits a speech therapist, but her new clients are leaving her a bit tongue-tied. Her first client, Paula, and her husband, Jay, are overworked and clueless about getting ready for parenthood. Rosie's second client, Jenay, can't decide between her sister or best friend to be her baby's godmother.

Episode #4 – The Trouble with Twins
Rosie's first client, Corrie, has her hands (and belly) full expecting twins, but that's not the most daunting part of her pregnancy. Corrie's over-bearing mother wants to be the live-in baby nurse and has plenty of unwanted opinions. Rosie’s second client, Nia, wants help detoxifying her house, but Rosie thinks Nia may be taking things too far when she finds out that she isn't planning to vaccinate her baby.

Episode #5 – Rosie’s Relationship Retreat
In this one-of-a-kind episode, Rosie takes on two struggling couples and prescribes the same remedy for both: a babymoon in the Dominican Republic. It’s not all rest and relaxation on this vacation though. Rosie’s first client, Jennifer, can’t stop bossing her husband around. Her other client, Susan, is in desperate need of the Caribbean sunshine to shake her out of her pregnancy doldrums. Can Rosie get these two couples back on track before they return home?

Episode #6 – Dressing the Diva
Rosie's first client, Patrice, is a type-A personality all the way: ambitious, tireless and, unfortunately for Rosie, demanding. Patrice needs a whole new wardrobe for her changing body, and even though she despises maternity clothes, she's relying on Rosie to dress her. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a type-B personality, stay-at-home mom who has sacrificed her personal goals for her family. It’s up to Rosie to see if there’s still time to make some of Elizabeth’s dreams come true.

Episode #7: Welcome to Hollywood
Rosie and her family travel to Los Angeles for the grand opening of her west coast Rosie Pope Maternity store. While there, Rosie takes on two new clients that prove not everyone on the west coast is laid back. Her first client, Donna, wants her whole house rigged with surveillance cameras to spy on her baby nurse... whom she hasn’t even hired yet. Meanwhile, Victor and Chris are two dads looking for an extra special push present for their surrogate.

Episode #8: The Pregnancy Dating Dilemma
It's an exciting week for Rosie as she and her husband Daron finally find out if they're having a baby boy or girl. Meanwhile, Rosie goes out of town with Aimee and Seth, who hope that having a baby won't get in the way of their affinity for road trips. Back in New York City, Rosie meets Akua, a soon-to-be single mom who's determined to find a man now.

Episode #9: The Case of the Ghost-Infested Nursery 
Parenthood is always a little scary, but this week's clients take things to a whole new level! First, clients Joann and Damon ask Rosie to help get their nursery ready... by cleansing the room of a ghost! Across town, Rosie’s second client Emily is dealing with a fear of the inevitable labor. Rosie will go to all lengths to prepare Emily for her delivery, even if it means experiencing childbirth virtually.

Episode #10: A Labor of Love – Rosie Gives Birth
In the season two finale, with just one week left before her third baby is due, Rosie takes on only one client... but if she was expecting an easy week, she should think again. Emanuelly is a second-time mom who fears that her past inability to breastfeed may happen again, and requests the unimaginable. Meanwhile, Rosie's husband Daron and assistant Alison notice that Rosie’s falling behind on preparing for her own new baby. When they confront her about it, Rosie realizes that she's turned into her very own client.

The Casts

Rosie Pope
London-born entrepreneur Rosie Pope is the creator and designer of renowned fashion line, Rosie Pope Maternity. She is also the creator and teacher of MomPrep, which helps expecting and new moms find solutions to the challenges of motherhood. From how to find the best nanny, to selecting the right fitness class, and everything in between, Pope's maternity concierge service has helped countless women when they needed it the most. Young Pope excelled as a ballet dancer with The London Contemporary School of Dance. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 to embark on a modeling career that led her to grace the pages of Italian Vogue and pose for photographer Steven Miesel.

She then turned her sights to academics and enrolled in Columbia University on a Presidential Scholarship to study neuroscience. In 2008, Pope birthed the idea for Rosie Pope Maternity after simply finding nowhere to shop for fashionable clothing during her own pregnancy. She now has two stores one in New York and one in Santa Monica. Her philosophy is for women everywhere to celebrate this time in their lives with fashions that are worthy of photographing and remembering for years to come.

In 2010, having already established herself as the trusted guru for stylish mothers including Hollywood elite the idea to offer classes through MomPrep was "born." Today, she is regularly sought after by the media for her advice on style for moms and lives happily in New York City with her husband Daron and her two sons, J.R. and Wells. She has another bundle of joy on the way expected this May.

Hannah Hurwitz
Rosie Pope’s right hand girl for the last twp years, Hannah Hurwitz assists Rosie with all aspects of her business. She lives in New York City with two of her younger sisters and around the corner from her younger brother. After getting her Bachelor’s Degree at Trinity College, she attended the New York School for Interior Design. After grad school, Hannah worked in advertising but soon left to pursue her love of fashion. "After meeting Rosie I realized how complex the maternity fashion business was, and since I already have so much experience growing up surrounded by babies, it was a perfect fit!"

Lawrence LT Thompson
Lawrence "LT" Thompson is Rosie Pope’s fashionista assistant who is not afraid to tell it like it is. LT spent his childhood as the fifth in a line of six children, and experienced childcare first-hand by helping take care of his nieces and nephews before he was a teenager. Originally from Virginia, LT’s big break came when he had the opportunity to tour Europe as part of the cast of an off-Broadway show, which lead to a gig around Japan as a singer and performer.

Shortly after, LT moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he studied marketing and advertising. His love for fashion prevailed, and after college he did public relations for fashion companies and magazines. LT met Rosie when she was pregnant with her first child, J.R., and he helped Rosie open her first store. LT says, "Rosie Pope Maternity was the perfect challenge for me, as it was a way to use my fashion skills in a very tough market." LT’s musical career continues, performing in underground NYC clubs with his group, the Kiki Twins.

Pregnant In Heels 
on beTV (Astro B.yond ch720) 
premiering on 22nd July 2013 (Monday) 
airing weeknights at 6.50pm 

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