LG Fiesta @ The Curve Showcase World First 84 inch Ultra HDTV 3D

It’s time to Fiesta with LG! Finally I get a chance to watch, touch and play with the much anticipated LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV during the LG Fiesta road show at the Curve

It’s a fun experience discovering the latest LG products and innovations together with other blogger friends at the road show.

We were given a guided tour and product briefing by the LG personnel. Started with the LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV, then LG Smart TVs, LG Cinema 3D, LG Audio Video and last but not least was the LG DJ X-BOOM. 

Beside the LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV, the LG Fiesta road show also showcasing the new lineup of LG Smart TVs, which come with an improved version of the LG Magic Remote with voice and motion control.

There is a section featuring LG's latest Cinema Sound Home Theater System and Ultra Slim Sound Bar, as well as LG's family of Cinema 3D Smart TVs. 


I was amaze with the sound quality at the DJ console showcasing the LG DJ X-BOOM CM9730 and also the Auto DJ and Smart DJ function.

LG 84 inch Ultra HD TV 3D Effect

LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV is the world first 84” Ultra HD TV. Wow! to me this is a gigantic screen giving me an overwhelming viewing experience. The display is equal to four 42” TVs at the same time the picture quality (8.3 million pixels) is amazing. 

 me with Jessica & Isaac ~ the 3D Glasses is light and colorful

We enjoy the Cinema 3D effect just by wearing the light and most comfortable 3D glasses, no battery required. Also enable to switch from 2D to 3D instantly without any complication. This LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV paired with the LG 9.1CH Cinema Sound Home Theater System LG BH9530TW is perfect.

The LG 9.1CH Cinema Sound Home Theater System is an advanced sound system com- posed of 9 speakers of different directions and one woofer. These 9 speakers deliver 9 different sounds from each direction, delivering precise and genuine sounds that would make me feel as if I am at the scene. Everything comes to life with this LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV and LG 9.1CH Cinema SoundHome Theater System LG BH9530TW combination. How I wish to have this set in my living room, I can stay at home all day.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is getting smarter with the Smart Control, Smart Sharing, Smart Entertainment and Comfortable 3D. The Magic Remote improved with Universal Control by pointing, wheel, gesture and voice – the most convenient and advanced TV remote. The LG 60inch Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600 (top range of TV) also a perfect match with LG9.1CH Cinema Sound Home Theater System LG BH9530TW

my Team no. 7 members

There were many games and activities going on for the two days LG Fiesta road show. On that day, there were games and prizes for bloggers too. We were split into a group of 4 and went through 3 challenges in order to determine which group is the winner of the LG Pocket Photo Mobile Printer. Wow! I want that. 

1st challenge

The first challenge we were given a piece of paper with questions some are easy and some are difficult. We tried to answer as many as possible accurately. Then the second challenge, we were shown few second of a movie and we have to guess the movie title correctly.

wow! enjoy dancing Gangnam Style

Final challenge was the most highlighted challenge of the day. Oppa Gangnam Style! We have to dance the Gangnam Style. 

my team doing the Gangnam Style ~ we were not too bad

There were so much laughter and fun watching the other group dancing and performing but when it come to my group omg! I think I did the Hantam Style instead of Gangnam Style.  

The two days LG Fiesta was packed with interactive games and activities with lots of goodie bags to be won. Plus the staff and promoters at the road show were very friendly and helpful too. The road show will also see a special performance by Kueendom, winner of the K-Gen K-Motion Dance Contest 2012. 

LG Fiesta at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

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  1. WOW! I would love to have the 84'' tv along with the LG's latest Cinema Sound Home Theater System! Haha! I can have my own movie theater at home! Much more comfy! hehe... watching movie while wearing pajamas are the best and with some snacks you made your self!

    1. Sabrina, true! i wish i can have that LG 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV in my living room too

  2. i see smiling happy faces. Nice to meet you there Kelly :)

    1. wootz! nice to meet you too & they way u dance Gangnam Style really funny lol omg opppsss

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