Givenchy Spring Summer Makeup Collection 2013 Hotel Prive

Givenchy highlights HOTEL PRIVE for Spring Summer Collection 2013. HOTEL PRIVE is a collection that conveys a subtle, natural elegance. Colors that express gentle pleasure and intimacy. Textures that are easy to use. It’s all a matter of ambience. Our everyday lives are conditioned by our surroundings. The colours, odours, sounds and materials we encounter trigger a reaction, striking the balance that defines an enjoyable day.

In Paris, the city’s unique hotels offer the tranquillity one needs for a successful meeting or lunch. A hotel is a private place to be shared with others. Whether it’s a design hotel, an hôtel de charme or a five-star grand hotel, I love the way the space becomes lived in, like a Couture garment. A “tailor-made” quality in the security of a familiar routine.

Everything is imbued with discreet importance. The colours and materials are chosen for visual pleasure and comfort. An attentiveness to create a pleasant mood. A beautiful object artistically placed, as though it had always belonged there, and that catches the eye, a touch of luxury sparingly deployed. A setting that feels familiar, yet unique and different.

Écrin Privé, Mat & Sequined Shadows Muted Eyes

Écrin Privé, Mat & Sequined Shadows Muted Eyes. This must-have is a rare and precious gift, a thing of beauty and luxury to enhanceeveryday life. A matte (r)evolution. Three totally mica-free eyeshadows — in taupe, grey and natural beige — that soak up light to nourish the colour. The high colour density of these matte eyeshadows makes a striking impression from the very first application. Their ultra-fine texture is soft and perfectly even. Spherical microbeads accentuate the colour with an elegant, sensual blurred effect. The fourth eyeshadow, a pearlescent rose milk pink, is an iridescent highlighter. Discreet and understated, this easy-to-use translucent powder can be applied to the centre of the upper lid to bring out its curve during the day. In the evening it lights up the eyes with an infinitely buildable effect.

Rouge Interdit &  Gloss Interdit

Rouge Interdit Limited Edition No. 59 Private Peach
Gloss Interdit Limited Editions No. 35 Private Rose and No. 36 Private Fuchsia
A new pinkish beige shade of ROUGE INTERDIT to beautify nude-look lips. Plus two all-new shades of GLOSS INTERDIT, Private Rose and Private Fuchsia, to adorn the lips with subtle colour.

Vernis Please

Vernis Please!
Limited Editions No. 183 Private Grey & No. 184 Private Taupe
The feel of plush elegance at your fingertips. Private Grey and Private Taupe, two limited editions of VERNIS PLEASE! contemporary and timeless, to harmonise the nails with the eyes. The focal point of the collection: gentle pleasure.

Mister Mat for a flawless matte complexion all day long.
Le Prisme Blush No.22 Vintage Pink, for subtly radiant cheekbones.
Photo Perfexion Light No.4 Light Beige, for a smooth, resplendent nude-look complexion.
Noir Couture No.1 Black Satin, for long, voluminous lashes that seem to go on forever.
Phenomen Eyes No.1 Phenomen’Black, for a panoramic makeup result.
Rouge Interdit No.1 Only Beige, for stunningly lustrous natural lips.

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