Tokidoki Adorns Sol Republic Headphones with Signature Pop Art


The distinctive art of tokidoki’s Simone Legno is paired with the unique style and sound of SOL REPUBLIC to create the new tokidoki and TKDK Tracks HD headphones. Featuring SOL REPUBLIC’s signature interchangeability, amazing sound, and virtually indestructible design, these two exclusive Tracks HD headphones integrate colors, characters and trendsetting designs that are signature tokidoki.

Simone Legno: An Artist Inspired by Music
Since debuting in 2005, tokidoki has amassed a cult-like following for its larger-thanlife characters and emerged as a sought-after global lifestyle brand and SOL REPUBLIC’s two new tokidoki and TKDK Tracks HD headphones were personally designed by Simone Legno, tokidoki’s creative director and co-founder. Simone’s art is inspired by his favorite bands and he shares the music he used to inspire him while he designed the tokidoki and TKDK headphones exclusively on his Savior Of Sound page on

Interchangeable Headbands and Cables for Endless Looks
Like all SOL REPUBLIC headphones, the tokidoki and TKDK Tracks HD models offer unique interchangeable SoundTrack headbands and cables, allowing users to create endless custom styles featuring many of the favorite characters from tokidoki culture. The tokidoki headphone features a pink color inset on the headband and a white cable, while the TKDK version features a deep-purple logo inset, black cable and a darker character inset on the headband. Each tokidoki and TKDK headphone also comes with a custom tokidoki bag and punkstarTM frenzie collectible toy. For an even more custom headphone, the virtually indestructible FlexTechTM headbands and detachable cables, are completely interchangeable with all other SOL REPUBLIC Tracks products, including its Remix line of separate headbands and cables available in a rainbow of color options.

Powerful v10 Sound Engines Deliver SOL REPUBLIC’s Signature Sound
The striking style, along with the interchangeability and nearly indestructible design that is the signature of SOL REPUBLIC’s Tracks headphones are all features found in the tokidoki and TKDK headphones. But at the core of both headphones is amazing sound from the advanced v10 SOL REPUBLIC Sound Engines that deliver deep and controlled bass, clear and present vocals and highs, which is ideal for punk and electronic dance music found is Simone’s playlist.

The SOL REPUBLIC tokidoki will be retailing at RM780.00, available at major electronic/headphone retailers.


  1. OMG This is my dream headphone! Tokidoki is <3. Too bad it's so expensive T___T *hides in corner drawing circles*

  2. Both low and high impedance of headphones are measurable at 1 KHz. No doubt, we can connect the headphones with fixed electronic appliances like PCs, CD players; DVD players etc.


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