The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 50th Anniversary Bash Menu

I was at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 50th Anniversary Bash last week at one of the outlet in TTDI. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf celebrates its 50th Anniversary celebration this April to June 2013. Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963 its first location in Brentwood, CA, it has grown internationally with close to 900 stores in 25 countries. In Malaysia there are 50 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets and still growing.

This special cake just for for us at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 50th Anniversary Bash 

Do you like this bear and mug?

Thanks to all the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf friendly staff.
From left: Wei-I, Marketing; Del, Training; Christina, Chef and Ros, Marketing

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 50th Anniversary Bash Menu

Birthday Cake Ice Blended

Birthday Cake Ice Blended
Wah! now The Coffee Bean has birthday cake in ice blended. Have you try it? Does it makes you feel like a birthday girl or boy every time you sip on this creamy vanilla ice blended. Hehehe… Well, its caffeine free so everyone can enjoy this Birthday Cake Ice Blended at anytime. Available for a limited time only.

Rocky Road Ice Blended

Rocky Road Ice Blended
This new Rocky Road Ice Blended tastes like rocky road ice-cream, chocolate, marshmallow & a hint of walnut. Available for a limited time only till July 21st, 2013.

Poppy Citrus Salad

Poppy Citrus Salad RM18.00
This is my favourite salad at The Coffee Bean, it is very light, refreshing and totally healthy. I love the slight sourish and sweet taste. Crunchy and crisp fresh lettuce topped with chicken bacon bits, poppy seed, juicy mandarin oranges, almond flakes and drizzled with lime juice, olive oil and onion vinaigrette.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese Chicken Salad RM18.00
Care for some Chinese chicken salad for a twist. The specialty of this salad is this deep fried vermicelli topping and also the oriental style dressing. Fresh lettuce topped with deep fried vermicelli with chicken breast, sweet and sour sauce, Chinese cornflakes, almond flakes and sesame seed.

Pesto Farfalle 

Pesto Farfalle RM14.50
These little bow-tie Farfalle pasta is too cute to eat… Do do like basil? If yes this smooth basil walnut pesto it’s a must try. Bow-tie Farfalle pasta tossed with basil walnut pesto, grilled mix capsicums, mushrooms and pinenuts. The basil pesto. This pasta is suitable for vegetarian.

Chicken Lasagna

Chicken Lasagna RM16.50
A savory dish with layers of lasagna, minced chicken, hearty tomato sauce and lots of cheese. It’s quite filling.

Egg Club Sandwich

Egg Club Sandwich RM18.50
Great for breakfast, tender turkey slices and poached egg with melted cheddar, served with a choice of Panini or Ciabatta bread and fresh side salad. By the way, this sandwich comes with coffee / tea free refills until 11am.

Turkey & Melted Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

Turkey & Melted Cheddar Cheese Sandwich RM16.50
Turkey ham topped with melted cheddar cheese served on crusty Ciabatta bread.

Pesto Chutney Zucchini Burger

Pesto Chutney Zucchini Burger RM15.50
This is a vegetarian burger, zucchini & parmesan cheese patty laced with pineapple chutney and basil walnut pesto, enfolded in a soft Vienna bun and served with Cranberry salad.

And here comes the desserts…

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake RM8.90 / slice & RM85 whole cake
Have you tried this Hummingbird Cake? I like the mixtures and texture of banana, walnut and chocolate. A light sponge cake enriched with crunchy walnuts, bananas, coconut flakes and chocolate chips all topped with a lip-smacking butter icing. Goes well with my hot latte.

Mocha Cheesecake

Mocha Cheesecake RM9.50 / slice & RM88 whole cake
An irresistible blend of coffee and chocolate cheesecake.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Party Packs

We also try out The Coffee Bean Party Packs that consist of 20 pieces of canapés, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and etc… such as Muffin Madness, Sweet Pickings, Pack A Sandwich, Deluxe Canape Sampler, Cheese Sampler, Chocolate Delight, Happy Farm Cupcakes, Cheeky Puffs, Chocolate Strawberries Box, Brownie Temptation, Bagel Cream Cheese, Merry Cupcakes and Puff Surprise. These Party Pack is made to order at least 3 working days prior to collection. Can be ordered at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet or via

Deluxe Canape Party Pack

Deluxe Canape Party Pack RM58.00 / pack of 20 pcs
This is great for gathering or parties, we can have canapés. I like the mini ciabatta with savoury herb cheese and avocado. Deluxe Canape Party Pack consist of “Vol-au-vent” with salmon cheese mousse and smoked salmon topping; mini ciabatta with savoury herb cheese and avocado; fresh-baked pita stuffed tuna mayo and mini baguette with light egg mayo.

Sweet Pickings Party Pack

Sweet Pickings Party Pack RM58.00 / pack of 20 pcs
Aww… look! This is a pastry lovers’ heaven. I don’t even need a party for these cutie mini desserts. Sweet Pickings Party Pack one of my favourite choice for any occasion. It consists of bite-sized coffee eclairs, brownies, praline puffs, fruit tartlets and white-chocolate raspberry cake. I melted over this…

Sweet Pickings Party Pack: white chocolate raspberry cake, coffee eclairs, fruit tartlets, praline puffs and brownies.

 Group Picture :)

Lots of food and drinks ~ enjoy :P

My favourite hot caramel macchiato 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Anniversary Blend Coffee and Tea

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Outlet in TTDI

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  1. nice post! makes me hungry now. :D I love TCB Blackforest Mocha Ice Blended & Hazelnut Ice Blended. next time I wanna try Rocky Road Ice Blended & B'day Cake Ice Blended.:)

    1. Hi Puteri Panda, yeah! the cheesecake also good. btw the Rocky Road & Birthday Cake only available for a limited time only tau.

    2. only two cake i've tried, choocolate & tiramisu. then, spaghetti & caeser salad. ah, it's a long long time ago. i'm already forgot what is the real name. haha.. next week i'll try Rocky Road & Birthday Cake. can't wait!:)

    3. Hi Puteri, hehehe... yeah! i am going back for the rocky road again. here we come!

  2. Happy 50th Anniversary !


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