Scent Affair Body Wash & US Twistband in HiShop May Surprise Pack

HiShop May Ambassador Surprise Pack

So this is my HiShop May Ambassador Surprise Pack that I received last week. This month I get 2 body wash, a twistband and some vouchers. 

Scent Affair Cucumber & Aloe Vera and Almond Oil Body Wash

Scent Affair Cucumber & Aloe Vera Body Wash RM7.80
This is a hydrating and anti bacterial body wash. Cucumber and aloe vera are good for skin, it soothing and refreshing. I like the soft and mild scent. Its suitable for the whole family. After shower my skin I feels fresh and smooth. I feel relaxed.

Scent Affair Almond Oil Body Wash RM7.80
The Almond Oil body wash is moisturizing and anti bacterial body wash. This body wash is more moisturizing compared to the Cucumber & Aloe Vera Body Wash. The fragrance is stronger as I can smell the carnation and almond, complimented by the warm scent of cinnamon. This body wash contains Almond Oil, a source rich in Vitamin E that helps to nourish the skin.

Both of these body wash are good for everday use. However, I prefer the Cucumber & Aloe Vera because of the soothing scent and calming effect.

Twistband Hair Tie

Twistband Hair Tie
I like this Twistband Hair Tie a lot and has been using it since the day I received it from HiShop. This twistband is from US and it’s made of soft elastic. Thicker than the normal hair ties that I use, it keeps my hair secured and don’t pull strained or pulled my hair because the material is very soft and flexible. I can use to style my hair for work, party and at home and the best part is that it don’t leave marks on my hair. You can check out the video tutorial below for some idea How to Style with a Twistband?

HiShop Cash Voucher RM20, Milk A Deal 8% Discount Voucher 
and White My 8% Discount Voucher

All these products are available at HiShop Website 
For more information and update visit HiShop Malaysia Facebook Page


  1. Wow so nice, you got 2 bottles! And the Twistband is really useful. :D

    1. Hi Laura, the twistband is a darling, so useful and friendly to my hair :)

  2. I'm so sad that this brand is no longer available anywhere. Loved the cucumber and sea minerals and mint variants.


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