Introducing HGC by V-Gen

HGC by V-Gen
HGC by V-Gen

Hi! Is your skin condition affected by haze recently? For the past few days Malaysian and Singaporean was attacked by haze until such that the Malaysia Ministry of Education has to close the school on Monday. Well, my skin was slightly affected, I felt a bit of itchiness on my arms the rest are ok. Maybe because I am taking this HGC by V-Gen since three weeks ago, my skin condition not much affected even I go out during the hazy days. As you know I have dry and sensitive skin so without HGC my skin condition might be worst than this.

What is HGC? The name sound to technical, actually HGC means Hyaluronic Acid, Gluthathione and Vitamin C. These are the nutrients that our body needs especially our skin to maintain the youthfulness and healthiness.  

HGC is a complete lightening oral supplement. It is in powder form and packed in 3g sachet to be consumed directly for convenient purposes. Not only it enhances our skin radiance but also boost our skin moisture. It combines 3 of the most vital skin rejuvenating factors namely Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and L-Gluthathione from Japan, in just the right proportion for anti-oxidant.

HGC by V-Gen
HGC by V-Gen (30 sachets x 3g each)

A box of HGC by V-Gen contains 30 sachets x 3g each. I usually mixed 1 sachet with a glass of room temperature water and drink it 30 minutes before my breakfast. So 1 box is RM228 can last me for 1 month. By the way, make sure you drink enough water when you are taking HGC by V-Gen. I will share more about HGC and also how do I feel about this product after taking this for a month so keep an eye at my site...

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