YUJI Jelly Mist Mask

YUJI Jelly Mist Mask

Introducing the first "Jelly Mist Mask" in Malaysia by YUJI which promotes natural and organic ingredients with Ecocert and Natrue certification, comprises more 99% natural origin organic ingredients. The easily absorbed light weight texture of YUJI Jelly Mist Mask is specially formulated to intensely replenish and lock in hydration for brighter and youthful complexion.

YUJI Jelly Mist Mask can be used as:
• Handy restorative face mist to refresh your skin all day long
• Moisturizer for easier makeup application and extends makeup wear
• Intensive revitalizing facial mask for radiant and youthful skin

YUJI Rose Jelly Mist Mask
- Enriched with rose essence and collagen for ultra skin nourishments and results in firm and brighten skin.

YUJI Cedarwood Jelly Mist Mask
- Soothing and calming effect for stressed and dry skin. Restores moisture content to dehydrated skin due to environmental damage for soft and supple skin.

YUJI Kiwi Jelly Mist Mask
- Vitamin C and E booster with rich anti-oxidants to improve blemishes and pigments for a bright and radiant complexion.

Usage: Use it alone or in addition to daily moisturizer, under or over makeup, whenever skin feels dry. Close your eyes and spray over face at a 20-30cm distance. Or use it as a 10 minutes mask then tissue off.

YUJI promotes natural and organic ingredients hence it comprises organic ingredients of more than 99% natural origin and it has been certified with Ecocert and Natrue. Complete your beauty experience with a healthy skin.


  1. A mist that can also be used as a mask? Sounds interesting! I would love to try the rose one. :D

  2. Sweetie, do you know where can we get these mists?

  3. I found it at kepong jusco in front of the Guardian there have... they doing promotion now... so worth... ^^

  4. Jusco kepong got

  5. I used the Rose Jelly and my complexion has gotten much better. I usually wear it all day but your face will become shiny, however, if I'm wearing make up I wear it as a mask before make up application.

  6. Hi where can I buy yuji mist?


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