US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013

Malaysia is world-famous for its wide and scrumptious range of multi-racial foods available to tempt the taste buds of food aficionados.  Malaysian chefs are much-sought after for their ability to produce many creative dishes using various types of ingredients from all over the world. Potato lovers alert! United States Potato Board (USPB) organized US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013 this June where 16 leading Malaysian chefs will demonstrate their culinary skill using the key ingredient US potato products in their dishes. 

US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013 at Sime Darby Convention Centre

16 Chefs with Total of 38 US Potato Dishes

The US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013 celebrates the launch of more than 38 dishes in 13 F&B outlets comprising restaurants, eateries, pubs and hotels etc. The 13 F&B outlet are Ancasa Hotel & Spa, Bara One Bistro, Muzeum Café, Saffron Brasseries, Sime Darby Convention Centre Restaurant Halia, Warisan Café, Marini 57, Craving Kitchen & Café, Movida Kitchen, Badboy Cooks, Paddington Pancake, Secret of Louisiana, Suka F&B Restaurant and Jogoya. From 1st to 30th June, customers at these outlets will have the opportunity to taste US potatoes used in various types of Malaysian fusion, western and eastern interesting dishes. 
Trios Soldier US Potato Frittatas with Spicy Garlic Mayo by Ancasa Hotel 

Chocolate US Potato Fingers by Bara One Bistro

Around the World on US Potato Skin and Spiced Cajun Rice on US Potato Skin 
by Badboys Cooks

US Potato Creme Brulee by Marini57

US Potato Skins and Smoke Salmon Zushi and Deep Fried Argentinian 
Shrimp Red Battered US Potato Spirals by Jogoya

US Potato Cottage Pie by Craving Kitchen

Oven Baked US Mashed Potatoes Stuffed with Spicy Duck Breast by Muzeum Cafe 

US Potato Mini Burger and Chicken with Tomato by Restaurant Halia, 
by Sime Darby Convention Centre

Cheezy US Potato Wedges & Fries by Paddington Pancake

US Potato Prune Stuffing with Pecal Emulsions and Pomegranate Salad 
by Warisan Cafe

Blue Mussel US Potato Versitot by Secret of Louisiana

Egg, Turkey Ham, & Spinach US Hash Brown Casserole by Suka Restaurant

Crispy US Hash Brown with Chicken Burgers by Suka Restaurant

US frozen processors offer the widest variety of menu-enhancing frozen potato products from which to choose. 

Such as mashed potatoes, lattice / basket weaves, half shells / potato skins, crinkle cut fries, curly fries, hash browns, shoestring fries, potato wedges, skillets random cuts, straight cut fries and tater rounds. US frozen potatoes are appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack.  

Bon Appetit :)


  1. Fabulous Malaysian foods =)

    1. Hi LynHo, yup & i like the Chocolate US Potato Fingers :)


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