PUMA Mobium Lab Search for Malaysia Most Efficient Runner

Good Morning, Mobium!: Curious morning joggers stopping by at the Mobium Elite Lab booth as they sign up to participate the Mobium Challenge, at Taman Lembah Kiara, TTDI

PUMA Mobium Elite has sent shock waves to all runners and performance alike in Malaysia. Following this revolutionary technology in footwear, the Mobium Elite movement has landed in various parks, together with PushMore trainers and Gorgeous Fitness Centres, taking this opportunity to educate the public on proper running techniques.

Run with PushMore: Participant takes the opportunity to wear PUMA Mobium Elite, testing out the efficient, as PushMore trainers guide them step-by-step the proper techniques of running in Gorgeous Fitness Centre, Puchong

All geared up: Participants are given the opportunity to try out the new PUMA Mobium Elite, as they run on the treadmill, letting the Mobium Elite adapts with the body in motion, mimicking the Windlass Chassis of foot’s expansion and contraction as they run

Inspiration to be the best: Runners will be evaluated at the end of the run, as PushMore trainers analyse the runner’s efficiency and explained to them the proper running techniques through the Mid/Forefoot strike, as adopted by professional runners and fitness trainers worldwide

The highlight of this activation is to further elevate the Mobium Elite Challenge, where the participants demonstrate their efficiency in running with the goal to be crowned as the Malaysia’s most efficient male and female runners representing Malaysia in PUMA Night Run in Korea.

The search for PUMA Malaysia’s Most Efficient Runner: Runners elevates their experience by achieving the best time, as PUMA searches for the Malaysia’s most efficient male and female runners, representing Malaysia in the PUMA Night Run in Korea

Mobium Lab @ Gorgeous Fitness Centre, Puchong and Taman Lembah Kiara, TTDI on 22nd to 23rd May 2013 and 24th to 26th May 2013. 

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