Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser

Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser

Do you feel sleepy and lack of focus at various times of the day juggling between classes, schoolwork, activities and hanging out with friends?  Coupled with dull looking and oily skin after a long day? Now you can wake up and stay fresh all day with Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials facial cleanser.

Deliciously scented and certified oil-free, the Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials comes in Energizing Berry, Purifying Apple and Brightening Lemon. Oil and dirt on skin do not stand a chance against this fun, fruity and refreshing facial cleanser, which is also packed with anti-bacterial ingredients to combat common skin problems without over drying.  This leaves skin feeling fresh and looking radiant, thus juicing up teens’ confidence to tackle and enjoy a new day of possibilities.

Fiffy Natasya, Karen Ong (Associate Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia) and Vaibhav Saran (General Manager of Johnson & Johnson 
Malaysia and Singapore)

In Malaysia, Clean & Clear® has six ranges of products, namely the Deep Action, Active Clear, Clear Fairness, Watery Light, Essentials and the all-new Fruit Essentials range.  The Fruit Essentials range contains BURSTING BEADS these beads are bursting with energy and are designed to soften gradually. As you wash your face with the cleanser the mechanical action of your hand against your face will cause the beads to pop on the skin, thus effectively yet gently flush out the impurities. The anti-bacterial and oil-free formula also prevents clogged pores, keeping those pesky pimples and unsightly blackheads at bay.

Each of the variants under the Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser is also uniquely formulated to suit different skin needs.

The Energizing Berry contains raspberry extract that is rich with Vitamin C and Vitamin B3, which are antioxidants that helps regulate skin-cell turnover.  In other words, tired skin cells are “energized”.  Not only that, the sweet fragrance of the Energizing Berry cleanser is also sure to recharge teens and keep them going.

The Purifying Apple contains apple extract, which has mild exfoliation properties to help remove dead skin cells.  Skin is ‘purified’ when impurities such as dirt, oil, and makeup are effectively removed from skin and pores.

The lemon extract in the Brightening Lemon facial cleanser is also a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties work effectively to brighten skin tone, helping teens to take on the day with a glowing appearance and uplifted spirit.

Fiffy Natasya
Fiffy Natasya

Local silver screen sweetheart Fiffy Natasya confessed that she finds it hard to decide which fruity variant is her favourite. Wake up and stay fresh all day with energized, purified and brightened skin that looks great and smells even better.  The Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials facial cleanser is available at super and hypermarkets as well as pharmacies nationwide.

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