SK-II Cellumination Essence EX & SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist ~ SK-II No.1 Globally Awarded Whitening Series

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest among them all? Well, most Asian women yearned to have fair, flawless and porcelain skin, including myself. If there is a demand surely there will be many supplies therefore whitening skincare products are flooding the market. Almost every week or perhaps every day there is a new whitening product introduced to the market. Are we spoilt by choice or Are we confused which one to use? So today we are going to find out the answer together.

SK-II No. 1 Globally Awarded Whitening Series Briefing & Demo at Isetan 1Utama

SK-II Cellumination Essence EX and SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist 

Late last month I was invited to attend an in-depth product demonstration and briefing on SK-II No. 1 Globally Awarded Whitening Series at Isetan 1Utama. Wow! SK-II Cellumination Essence EX and SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist won more than 200 global awards and they are now No. 1 globally awarded whitening series. SK-II has set the GOLD standard in spot free aura skin.

SK-II Cellumination Range

Cellumination Essence EX is the first essence within SK-II to achieve the aura effect. Both Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist have the highest sales numbers within SK-II’s whitening products. It is the most talked-about whitening essence from March-June 2012 on SK-II’s official webpage. Plus SK-II is the first to invent the in-store Magic Ring™ test to see through skin and educate on the science of whitening. By the way, this year SK-II Celebrates Its 15th Years of Crystal Clear Skin in Malaysia.

Jone, from Communications Manager P&G Malaysia giving her Welcome Speech 

Denise Loong, Country Trainer for SK-II Malaysia

Denise Loong, Country Trainer for SK-II Malaysia briefed and demonstrated to us the effective step-by-step whitening regimen to achieve SK-II’s brilliant translucent and spot free aura skin. There is something important and useful that I learned from Denise during this sharing session.

SK-II Cellumination Essence EX
Helps to reduce spots plus even out skin texture  and skin tone to achieve Translucent Aura Bright Skin as if wearing light foundation. SK-II’s Cellumination Essence EX is designed to improve both RGB balance and RGB variance for brilliant translucent aura skin, as if you are wearing light foundation. Its Aura Bright Cocktail with Pixel White™ evens out texture and tone from a microlevel on top of treating spots or freckles as well as epidermis plumpness and collagen glycation. In one week, feel the healthy radiance. The Cellumination Essence EX demonstrates significant improvement on micro texture evenness in just 4 weeks of application; and an improvement in micro tone evenness in 8 weeks of application. It is recommended to be applied after cleansing, by spreading evenly on skin. For best results, apply twice daily, once in the day and once at night. 

SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist
The Whitening Spots Specialist dives deep to the root of the problem to reduce dark spots by cutting and loosening their roots. As a preferred option to laser treatment, the Whitening Spots Specialist aims at macerating five-year old stubborn dark spots in just four weeks. The gel-type Whitening Spots Specialist caters to both morning and night use. When you apply the moisture serum over the entire face, the active ingredients penetrate deep into skin to cut “the root of dark spots”, which is the root cause of dark spots. Apply Whitening Spots Specialist over the entire face after cleansing, spreading this evenly on skin. For best results, apply twice daily, once during the day and once at night.

The different between SK-II Cellumination Essence EX &
SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist

Please take note, this is important. Since both products are best so which one is suitable for our skin. SK-II Cellumination Essence EX (indoor) is for translucent aura bright skin enhance skin texture and tone eveness plus spot reduction. Where else, SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist  (for outdoor sun exposure) target spot control to reduce pigmentation caused by sun exposure and prevent future visible spots. 

Denise also shared useful beauty tips and the steps to massage the products into the skin to ensure maximum effectiveness. By using Cellumination Deep Surge EX together with Cellumination Essence EX and follow the massage, it makes your skin feel brighter and firmer, leading to a more beautiful Aura. The massage steps; Glide from the anterior ear to the collar bone, followed by the upward stroke and circle round the eye zone then to the forehead and conclude at the temple. Repeat 3 times to promote micro-circulatory flow.

SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Boutique

I have compiled all step-by-step whitening regimen and also the massage steps in this Picture Gallery: SK-II Cellumination Boutique and SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Boutique. This will make it easier for you to follow and refer.

SK-II’s No.1 whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist are available at all SK-II counters in all major department stores nationwide.
SK-II Cellumination Essence EX RM499 (30ml) & RM709 (50ml)
SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist RM419 (30ml) & RM609 (50ml)

After the briefing and demo we were given a card to do our Magic Ring Skin Analysis the SKI-II counter in Isetan 1Utama. I did this Magic Ring Skin Analysis a few times before, it is important to check our skin condition from time to time because our skin condition changes. Skin analysis is important because it helps us understand our skin condition better and if our skincare products work or not since it gives measurable results, and not just based on personal assumption. So have you got your skin tested by the SK-II Magic Ring?

my Magic Ring Skin Analysis at Isetan 1Utama

Since that day was a bit crowded so I left after the demo and went back to SK-II Isetan 1Utama counter to do did my Magic Ring Analysis another day. The SK-II beauty consultant is quite friendly, knowledgeable and not too hard sell. My Magic Ring result, overall my skin condition scored 75% and my skin age is 28 years old (ahemmm...). The only dimension that I have to focus more is the Texture Refinement. 

After the skin  analysis she recommended the products that my skin requires. Hey you know what I got a surprise gift after that. Yahooo… I received 1 SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask and I used it immediately I came back from my Koh Samui Trip. Well, you can also check out the steps and details in my previous Review: SK-II Magic Ring Skin Analysis.

Tick Tock! Tick Tock! As the clock is ticking our skin is ageing. True or False? That is the fact accept it, the only thing we can do is to prevent and reduced the signs of aging by using the efficient and suitable skincare products plus practice a healthy lifestyle.  
Guess how old I am? Not going to tell you, go and find out yourself muahaha. If possible I want to be Forever 21 *dreaming* So do you want to know what SK-II products that I am using… jeng jeng jeng

I use Facial Treatment Essence is a must because it is my Miracle Water, Cellumination Day Surge UV my day moisturizer, Cellumination Essence EX helps to radiates sunshine aura, Whitening Spots Specialist prevent my pigmentations from prevailing and saying hello to me and last but not least is the super duper Stempower moisturizer that rescue my skin every night after a long stressful day. Well, on and off I do indulge myself going to SK-II facials and also using SK-II mask at home. Not only that, I am putting the SK-II Mask in Lotion, Cellumination Deep Surge EX and Cellumination Essence-in Foundation in my wish list. Ah!!! beauty is priceless right…

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  1. What a great review about SK II..i'm really look forward to try it after reading your post.. :)

    1. Shamiera, great! thanks. you can go to the SK-II counter and do Magic Ring skin analysis too

  2. Great review.
    I will go to the SK-II counter and do Magic Ring skin analysis too.

    1. Hi June, go go go! i did my skin analysis regularly :)

  3. your face age only 28! coolest! i scared to go for analysis, later showed my face age 40 then malu... :(


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