Haze Worsens in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Today I find that the haze condition in Klang Valley has worsened. Everywhere looks graying… so depressing. When I was driving back home from USJ earlier, I can’t see the traffic lights from afar. It is depressing to see the smoke filled skies with limited visibility on the roads while a smell of burn filled the air.

Teary eyes, blocked nose and sore throat! I think my throat is infected, feeling dry and a little sore and I can’t breathe properly. I have sore throat, blocked nose and teary eyes if I am outside. The recent haze that shrouds part of Malaysia deteriorates throughout the weekend, sending pollutants reading in some areas to dangerous level.

According to the Deparment of Environment, the Air Pollutant Index (API) reading for Muar in the southern Johor state this Sunday morning (23rd Jun 2013) has hit a record-high of 746. An air pollutant index of 301 and above would be categorized as "Hazardous". This is twice the standard hazardous level, as displayed on the Department of Environment's (DOE) website. Petaling Jaya API is 108 while Shah Alam is 102 and 102 for Cheras.

Look like we are going to face some hazy days ahead. So here are some tips and steps to survive the haze:

1. Try to stay indoor as much as possible.
2. Wear mask when you are outside.
3. Keep yourself hydrated.  
4. Use air purifier indoor.
5. Close windows and doors and switch on the air conditioner.

6. Stay away from roadside food, al fresco or open air dining. 


  1. the haze really scare me.. :9 my parents lived in johor.. hope they are doing fine... and hope for the best for us here in other places...

    1. hey Sabrina, ya hopefully the haze situation will be better in a few days time


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