Tailored Disability Services for a Rich & Rewarding Life

When you have a disabled member of the family, this can cause additional living issues and while every family member does what they can to help, sometimes a disabled person requires special support. Thankfully, there are special organisations that are set up to provide a wide range of healthcare services for the disabled and in this article, we will take a look at some of those services.

Tailored Disability Services for a Rich & Rewarding Life
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Community Activities

There are organisations such as PHASE that provides disability services in Perth with the emphasis on community activities; whether a child, teenager or adult, there are exciting programs that they can join. Everything is arranged by the healthcare provider, including transportation to and from the event and a personal mentor who remains with the person throughout.

These are typical activities on the menu:

  • Cycling
  • Kayaking
  • Team sports – Other disabled people come together to play a wide range of sports, with meetings at least once a week, or more.
  • Social occasions – Going to see a movie or drama performance.
  • Learning new skills – Handicrafts and modelling.
  • Going shopping

Many disabled people do not have the opportunity to attend social events, due to the additional care required and with an organisation such as PHASE, Perth-based care services are available on demand.

In-Home Care

The provider would work with you to create the perfect care plan and can assist with the following:

  • Assistance when showering and dressing. Click here for information on whitening your teeth at home.
  • Domestic help – Cleaning the house, laundry and gardening.
  • Nursing service – Cleaning wounds and general medical care.
  • Transport training – How to use ferries, buses and trains.
  • Menu planning – This includes grocery shopping and food preparation.

The focus of in-home care might be to help the person acquire essential life skills, as well as to provide support when needed. For instance, if the person is disabled, then one must apply for a personal assistant who can help in managing practically everything—cooking, cleaning, washing, driving around, community services, etc.

Respite Care Services

For many parents of disabled children, it is essential that they can take a few weeks off and if you care for a family member and would like some temporary assistance, your local healthcare provider is at your service. With reliable professional healthcare, you can really enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that the right care is being given to your loved one.

Respite Care for Autistic Children

Autism is an issue globally and many Australian children are autistic and therefore require additional care; if you are the parent of an autistic child and you would like a break, search online for a local healthcare provider that offers respite care services. Click here for Australian government information for autistic parents, which is a valuable resource.

Tailored care services are essential for people with disability and whether you require temporary or permanent assistance, your local healthcare provider has all the solutions. It might be possible to receive government assistance regarding disability care services and an online search will help you to make contact with the right local authority.

The first thing to do is assess your needs, which is something that the healthcare provider can help with and with the right care plan, you can relax, knowing that your loved one is receiving the care that they need.

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