Mold Remediation Service: What It Is & How It Can Prevent Mold Growth

Mold growth exposure for a long time is harmful to your health as it can cause allergic reactions like runny and itchy nose, blocked nose, watery eyes, and severe cases cause respiratory problems. In addition, those who have asthma are most susceptible to molds as it turns their existing respiratory problems more serious. Therefore, you cannot take chances to detect mold growth at home either by seeing it at various places or knowing its presence from the typical smell that fills the indoor air.

Mold Remediation Service: What It Is & How It Can Prevent Mold Growth
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Molds are some fungi that can quickly disintegrate into spores that spread rapidly through the air and infest homes. As you cannot maintain an air-tight home, spores will indeed find their way inside the house, and you must stay prepared to deal with it with an iron hand by contacting some Mold Remediation Company out Of Chicago Illinois. First but, you must know how the company can help you achieve the goal of maintaining a mold-free home.

Is mold removal possible?

Often we talk about mold removal without understanding what it means because it is not possible to ensure complete removal of molds due to the omnipresence of spores. To accept the fact that mold removal in the true sense is not possible. Still, it is possible to significantly reduce the health risks by using the mold remediation services offered by many companies specializing in the job.

Although removing mold might be easy, it will make a comeback soon if the environment remains damp, which encourages mold growth.  Instead, periodical mold remediation services will delay or prevent the recurrence of mold growth more effectively.

The mold remediation process has several steps

Inspection, containment, air filtration, mold clean up, and sanitizations are the steps involved in the mold remediation process.


After thoroughly searching your home to identify mold infestation, the experts would collect air samples for testing and analysis to detect the type of mold. The kind of mold helps draw up an action plan to counter the mold growth as the air sample detects the spore count that points to the intensity of mold growth and the level of contamination. 


The experts would seal off the most affected area to contain the mold within the enclosed spaces. The method of containment can include the use of physical barriers and creative negative air chambers by generating negative air pressure.  During the process, you must switch off all utilities like the HVAC system and fan. 

Air filtration 

In the next step, to clear the home of the active spores, the experts install high-efficiency air filters to the HVAC system to prevent the entry of spores into the house and start mold build-up. Finally, to clean the surfaces infested with molds, the experts might use high vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters. 

Mold clean up – Cleaning the colonies of molds with anti-microbial and anti-fungal substances prevents mold formation on the surfaces anytime soon. The cleaning method depends on the hardness and porosity of the surface, and removing spores from porous surfaces are the most challenging.

Finally, complete sanitization of the entire house signals the completion of the cleaning process.

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