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Laying an undisputed claim to the most extensive fan base in the world (over 4 billion strong), very few people can dispute the fact that the soccer game is a profitable venture. The game is exciting and full of chills and thrills. 

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When you ramp that up even higher by placing a wager on your favorite teams, slugging it out in major leagues, the excitement of it is multiplied tenfold! The only question now becomes which bookie you should trust to place your bets with when these major league events are on. 

Malaysia is one of the many countries in Asia that have welcomed online betting with open arms. By inference, this means that the country is veritably populated with various online sportsbooks. Because this choice isn’t made with levity, we went out, did our due diligence, and came back with one bookie that Malaysians can rely on to give them the best when big soccer events come around. 

The Bookie You’re Looking For Is, Without A Doubt, SBOTOP!

This online sportsbook started its journey back in 2004 as the popular betting site, SBOBET. Even in the old days, this sportsbook was wholly dedicated to giving soccer bettors the best value for every Ringgit! When SBOBET became SBOTOP, they took things up a notch, and that is why they made our list as the best soccer sportsbook to bet within Malaysia. 

Below are four reasons why you can count on them:

1. They’re Safe and Secure

Due to the rise in popularity of online soccer betting, scam sites have proliferated in the country. This is to say that there is always a high chance that you bet on an online sportsbook that will steal your money and disappear. SBOTOP has made a huge name for itself as one of the safest and most secure soccer bookies out there, so your wager is always in good hands.

2. They Are Constantly Available And Efficient

Many online bookies experience site failure more often than you’d think, which can be very inconvenient when major soccer events are on, and you know you have a winning bet! With their years of experience in the game, first as SBOBET and now as SBOTOP, you’ll never experience that kind of happenstance with them. Their site is always active and accessible round-the-clock to take your bets.

3. You Get The Best Odds

Typically, most legit bettors get very stingy with the odds when major sports events are on because they don’t want punters to win big. SBOBET was popular back then for offering staggering odds and bonuses, even for major events. As SBOTOP, they’ve kept that trend. So, if you’re looking to increase your bet value, you now know where to go!

4. Prompt Payment

Many bookies will usually provide multiple options when it comes to funding your bankroll. They quickly change their tune, however, when it’s time to pay up! You don’t want to get caught up in that type of scenario. You can prevent that from the get-go when you use SBOTOP as your preferred soccer bookie. Deposits and withdrawals will be a breeze for you! Whether it’s a Premier League, Serie A, Champions League, or World Cup event you want to stake on, you can count on these guys to always have you covered!

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