How To Dress For A 1920s Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Nothing captured to the spirit of the 1920s quite like The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters became synonymous with the excitement and decadence of this dazzling decade. Now that we’ve once again entered the ‘20s, there’s even more of a focus on celebrating this chic period in history. If you’re attending or hosting a Gatsby-themed wedding, here is everything you’ll need to arrive in style.

What The Bride Should Wear To A Gatsby Wedding

The Dress

A Great Gatsby wedding dress is the perfect combination of alluring and romantic. Our collection of exquisite designs will make you look impeccably styled when walking down the aisle. Brides who want to look timeless should choose a soft Gatsby wedding dress made from ethereal lightweight fabrics. If you’re looking for something a little more flashy, 1920s Gatsby dress adorned with glittering embellishments will be the perfect pick.

Great Gatsby Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya

The Accessories

A pair of Edwardian bridal boots will only enhance the old-fashioned elegance of any Great Gatsby wedding dress. Look for a pair of white vintage-inspired boots that feature lace accents or dramatic tie details. If you’d prefer something a little more glam, a pair of silver t-strap sandals will certainly do the trick. 


The Hair & Makeup

When it comes to your hair, a Juliet style veil will only elevate the soft, refined nature of your Gatsby wedding dress. Or select a bejeweled headband like the one worn by Daisy Buchanan in the movie “The Great Gatsby.” No matter which hair accessory you select, curling your hair and sweeping it into a low updo will make you look romantic from head to toe. 

Although flappers were known for their heavy, dark makeup, Gatsby brides should keep their look slightly softer and more refined. A fresh-faced look with just a touch of mascara and rouge will capture the elegance of the 1920s and still look timeless in wedding photos.

What Guests Should Wear To A Gatsby Wedding

The Dress

If you’re attending a Gatsby wedding, finding the perfect 1920s dress is a must-have. 1920s themed dresses are the perfect pick for any wedding guest, as they often are beautifully embellished and feature a relaxed, unstructured silhouette that looks flattering on every body-type. Look for a 20s dress that is covered with embellishments that will sparkle and shine. Just be sure your Gatsby dress isn’t white! 

Great Gatsby Party Dress in Rose Blossom by Nataya

The Accessories

Usually, guests shouldn’t go too over the top when it comes to accessories. For a Gatsby wedding, however, those rules bend a bit. Flappers were famous for their elegant accessories, so a pretty embellished headband or layers of pearls are an excellent choice. Pick colorful accessories to accent your 1920s dress so that your look doesn’t compete with the bride’s. 

The Hair & Makeup

Don’t be afraid to adapt some 1920s makeup trends when dressing for a Gatsby-themed wedding. A dramatic smokey eye or a dark lip will look striking when paired with 1920s themed dresses. To go even more over the top, try out an iconic cupid’s bow lip. For your hair, consider sweeping it into a chic faux-bob to look like a short-haired glamour girl from the Roaring Twenties.


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