Pilihan Riang Raya with Yoodo

Well, Raya Tetap Raya kan even though is MCO. Spreading some cheers and laughter through Pilihan Riang Raya with Yoodo for 2021. Tart Nenas or Sam Perit? Which one is your favourite kuih raya? Who will be the Ketua Kuih Raya for this year? Continue to read and check out Yoodo fun Riang Raya Video like you never seen before.

Pilihan Riang Raya with Yoodo

If you are new to Yoodo, it’s the the 1st Telco in Malaysia with truly customisable mobile plan and and 100% digital mobile service. No prepaid, no postpaid, check out my video on how to customize your mobile plan. Plus you can enjoy convenience, connectivity and dual SIM capaibilities with an eSIM; compatible with selected iOS and Android phones.

Pilihan Riang Raya with Yoodo

Hurry head over to Yoodo to check out their fun Riang Raya Video. I personally find it very entertaining and can’t stop laughing when I watched it. Its unlike the usual emotional raya video that I watched.

Hurry head over to https://www.yoodo.com.my/riangraya to vote for your favourite kuih raya ya! Tart Nenas or Sam-Perit? Which one is your favourite kuih raya? Follow their election journey on Instagram at @tartnenasoffcial and @samperitofficial

Pilihan Riang Raya with Yoodo

Besides these, Yoodo also has Raya Special promos. For subscriber who spend RM50 and above for 2 months consecutively they stand a chance to win cool prizes such as smartphones, earbuds and more.

Yoodo’s Raya & On-going Promos

1. Jom Raya with Yoodo & Tropicana

Wah! Buy a Tropicana Twister Twin Pack and get FREE RM5 credits and 5GB Data, this promotions is until 30th June.

2. More Ways To Earn with Yoodo

Invite a friend to join Yoodo using your  unique referral code and earn RM20 in  free Yoodo credits. Your friend will get 7GB of FREE data

3. Double The Data

Subscribe to Yoodo’s high-speed data and and receive 10GB of extra data for FREE. Promotion starts from 10GB onwards

4. Wow Free Gift Cards

Redeem FREE lifestyle e-gift cards with Yoodo’s Flash Wowcher promo. Total wowchers worth more than RM 10,000 up for grabs. New wowchers unlocked every week until 13 June.

5. Yoodo Cares

Alongside the government’s Jaringan Prihatin initiative, Yoodo launched the Prihatin Pass 80GB of high-speed data for only RM20 a month. Eligible Malaysians can register until 31 July 2021.

Alright! Here are some of the updates and Raya promos from Yoodo. I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and please stay safe. Salam Ceria!

For more information about Pilihan Riang Raya with Yoodo, please visit Yoodo Website, Facebook, and Instagram


  1. Selalu jgk dgr yoodo ni..kat tempat zaza xpasti ada coverage dia ke tak..

  2. firstime dgr yoodo ni.. ke sy yg ketinggakan zaman ni.. aduyai..

  3. mmg 1st time tau de yg boleh custome plan.. terbaik la

  4. mcm2 plan telco dah ada.. yoodo pun okay juga.. byk promosi yg dorg tawarkan

  5. Best yoodo ni. Macam2 dia buat utk kempen raya ye.. Yang team tu i pilih team sepemeritm. Heehe

  6. Banyaknya promo raya Yoodo. Best best semua.

  7. Macam best tawaran yoodoo ni.. Tp dia under liner telco apa ya.. Xsure tempat i ada x line yoodoo

  8. Baru tau psl Yoodoo nti blhlah tgk klu ada byk offer


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