Mobility Scooters: Don’t Let A Lack of Mobility Spoil Your Fun

None of us ever thought that we would be in search of information about mobility scooters of all things, what ever happened to those carefree days of taking a stroll anywhere that takes your fancy or going for a jog along the seafront? As the old saying goes, “time moves too quickly”, well, maybe for those who don’t make the most of it, time is what we make of it, and after a quick search of the latest mobility scooters this certainly is no time to be hanging around. For more Mobility Aids Click here

Mobility Scooters: Don’t Let A Lack of Mobility Spoil Your Fun

What’s on offer?

Quite a lot as it happens, a long way from the old cumbersome, get out the way quick before it hits us, 2 tone heavy, can’t steer it, can’t break kind of comedy sketch that might spring to mind. Everybody’s seen one those scenarios in their lifetime, one of those mental images you can never shake off. Well, things have changed a lot, just take a look on the Internet for mobility scooters in Melbourne, you will quickly see that today’s offerings look great fun and much smaller than they used to be, probably thanks to advancements in battery technology and mechanical evolution will have played a part too.

Some of the features are truly awesome, speed control, motor braking systems, independent braking systems, indicators, waterproof components, adjustable seats, suspension, mirrors available where ever you want them so you can catch someone’s eye from any angle! On that note, if you like getting a good deal then you might be interested in this electric powered scooters offering giveaways. Some machines will even do 8mph whilst others are limited to 4mph for street going purposes. You could get an 8mph machine and drop it down to 4mph when you need to.

Looking at some blogs about mobility scooters, it seems the biggest concern most people have is about safety which is understandable however, the latest technology would mean that you’d have to be trying really hard to injure yourself or somebody else, for accelerating and braking, you would use something called a ‘yoke’ the faster you pull it, left or right, the faster you will move either forwards or backwards. To stop, all you have to do is let go of the ‘yoke’ the motor brake stops the machines really quickly. Centre of gravity looks like it has been given some further thought to meaning that the ride height is lower than what it was on older generations, making those, ‘topple’ out of seat moments a sheer thing of the past.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t take all day about it, have a look on the Internet to get an idea of that’s available, then go and speak with one of your local shops. Do be careful of Internet dealers who do not have a shop or a workshop for maintenance and the odd minor repair, speaking of being careful, check out this government scooter information before you buy, it could help you in the long run.

These days there are a lot of traders who use cheap prices to entice people, but if you have a problem, good luck with that one. You get what you pay for, as such, get a fair price, but, do try and buy from a local care provider, someone who you can build a relationship with, someone who cares and somebody you can turn to if you have any queries or teething issues. Go on, get out there and have some fun, “life’s too short”!

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