Where Is Safe to Visit from the UK In 2021?

2020 was a dreadful year for travel. 2021 will be better, but you're still not going to have the same list of countries available to you that you did in 2019. That can't be avoided. The world is most definitely re-opening after the disaster of the pandemic, but different countries are relaxing their domestic rules at different times. That's leading to complications in arranging travel and national governments issuing different guidance from country to country.

Where Is Safe to Visit from the UK In 2021?
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If you live in the United Kingdom, you’ll have been subjected to a much more restrictive lockdown and quarantine period than most of our American readers. Things are looking better now, though, and summer holidays have become possible once again. Perennial favourites Greece, France, and Spain haven’t made the cut, but there are still plenty of outstanding destinations on the British government’s “safe” list, which was published on May 7th.

Those of you who are UK-based and can't bear to wait any longer to go on vacation after reluctantly cancelling last year's plans are now free to book flights and tickets to any of the approved destinations - so take advantage of your restored freedoms if you can! If you're not sure which destination to go for, here's a quick breakdown of the standout options.


The fact that travel links have now been restored between the UK and the Far East is a sure sign that the world is healing and a great reason to visit Singapore - doubly so if you've never been before! We could give you a long list of reasons to visit, but let's start with food. Singaporean cuisine is so good that its street food has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list

There are no fewer than 44 Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore, and that's not something you can say about most destinations. Singapore is also known for its arts and music festivals, which run all summer long and make a mockery of the idea that New York is the only city that never sleeps. It's a modern, vibrant destination with unique culture and excellent summer weather.


Israel is a country that doesn't tend to be thought of as a vacation destination. We're not sure why that is, but we invite you (and the rest of the world) to change your mind about it. More people need to know about Israel's beaches, and far more people need to experience the unearthly sensation of floating in the Dead Sea. When you do so, you're at the lowest point on the entire planet! 

The tourist board in Tel Aviv will tell you that it's the coolest city in the whole Mediterranean because of its 24-hour bars and modern restaurants, and while we can't confirm that's true, we also won't say the tourist board is wrong. Jerusalem is a place that everyone in the world should visit once, even if they're not religious, and 2021 is a great time to do it.


British people tend to have a very stereotypical view of Australians. That comes from the fact that the Australian soap "Neighbours" is popular in the UK, and stereotypes of Aussies with boomerangs in hats with corks dangling from them are reinforced in other areas of entertainment. They make great background scenery in the "Aussie Adventure" online slots game that's been a big draw for players at Rose Slots New Zealand, but they’re not rooted in reality. 

For all their entertaining properties, one shouldn’t look to online slots for a definitive statement on a region’s culture! Throw off your preconceptions and experience the great Australian weather. Walk on some of the best beaches in the world (you have over ten thousand to choose from). 

See wildlife you won’t see anywhere else on the planet. The wildlife appears on the aforementioned online slots game too, but it’s nothing like seeing these exotic Australian creatures with your own eyes! The people are friendly, the culture is extremely laid back, and there’s more history to see and experience here than you probably imagine.


We'll put Lisbon and Porto up against any other cities in the world when it comes to providing entertainment to tourists, and that's a hill we're willing to die on! Porto in particular is an ancient and wondrous city, with incredible views across the River Duoro and valleys full of wine-makers. 

It's a great place to come for surfing, but there are also plenty of music festivals over the summer if that's more your thing. If you're not familiar with the benefits of Portuguese weather and the beauty of the Portuguese Algarve already, we're not sure what you're doing reading travel guides! British tourists have a habit of visiting Spain rather than Portugal, but as Spain is off the menu this year, it's the perfect excuse to break with tradition and give Portugal a chance instead. Once you've done so, you might find that an annual trip to Spain is no longer a priority for you.

The Faroe Islands

You probably weren't expecting to see the Faroe Islands on this list, but the British government has opened its door to them, and there are many reasons why you should consider stepping through it. They're like the New Zealand of the northern hemisphere, with lush green valleys full of sheep, dramatic mountains and rushing waterfalls. Another good reason can be summed up with just a single word: puffins. Have you ever seen a puffin in the wild? 

If not, how would you like to step onto an island that thousands of them call home? The tiny island of Mykines is full of puffins, and they're so used to human visitors that they'll happily walk and fly all around you during your visit. The Faroe Islands is a scenic destination that hasn't yet been swamped by Instagram influencers and "professional tourists," so rush to see it while it's still relatively unspoiled. You'll need to wrap up warm even at the height of summer, but the experience is worth the cold.

For the sake of completion, the other countries on the approved “safe list” are New Zealand, Iceland, Brunei, Gibraltar, St Helena, the South Sandwich Islands, and the Falkland Islands. All have their own pros and cons, but we think the destinations we’ve discussed above have more to offer. You may disagree - but you’d have to visit all of them to be sure!

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