Fogless Glasses: How a Local Eyewear Store in NYC Can Help You with It?

Wearing glasses has its purpose, and that is vision repair. As much as possible, these aids should contribute to people wearing them to live their lives as usual. Besides, glasses also have an aesthetic function. That may not be as crucial as functional, but it matters. That is why people should always choose eyeglasses considering several factors, as seen here.

Everyone who wears vision aids knows what troubles they face every day. Loosen frames, glasses falling off, filthy or hazy lenses can be quite a problem. When you enter the warm room (house, bakery, car) from the cold or outside, the lenses fog very quickly. It happens because of condensation and can be a rather uncomfortable situation. It happens to people wearing face coverings, too.

If the foggy glasses start to bother you, it is good to know that there are several ways to solve this problem. It is best to consult an ophthalmologist and then visit a local eyewear store in NYC. You can get handy tips on how to avoid the problem of condensation and make wearing glasses comfortable all the time.

Use Anti-Fog Spray 

The temperature of the glasses is colder than the air between your eyes and this vision aids. The moisture will form and then condense on the lenses, which causes fogging. It happens as soon as you go from a hot to a cold area or vice versa.

Optician brands have addressed this problem by adding a certain protective layer to the lenses. It serves to keep bacteria and other airborne particles from sticking to the glasses and threatening your eyes. It also provides a certain level of prevention against condensation. But after a while, that coating just wears off.

The first thing most opticians will recommend is an anti-fog spray. It is a product that costs several tens of dollars and can last a very long time, even if you use it every day. Some products might a specifically designed formula. It is intended for anti-reflective prescription lenses to protect this coating from scratching and micro damaging.

These products are handy, so you can keep them in your pocket or bag. Sellers from the local eyewear store will explain how to use an anti-fog spray to get the most of it. They will usually recommend applying it just before entering the house, going outside, putting on a face mask, etc. It takes a few minutes to act, providing you with several hours of clean glasses.

Specialized Lenses 

More expensive but far more functional solutions are anti-fog glasses. These lenses are recommended for people who work in conditions where they frequently go through hot and cold areas or have to wear masks. These are medical workers, lab technicians, everyone who works near water and heat sources, etc. Doing outdoor activities or everyday work such as cooking can also result in reduced visibility due to foggy goggles.

You can fit fog-resistant lenses in the existing frame, according to the diopter you need. Optical brands use state-of-the-art technology to make the lives of those who wear glasses easier. An extra fog-repellent layer makes the water droplets not collect in one place but spread evenly over the lens. The water evaporates very quickly, leaving the surface clean and bright.

Some brands combine an anti-fog layer with anti-glare protection. Anti-fog goes to the backside (near the eye), and anti-glare is on the front lens. It makes the surface repellent to dirt and easy to clean. Plus, it provides excellent protection from intense light.

On the link below, see some eyeglass cleaning tips:

Faster Demisting 

Anti-fog lenses allow you to enjoy hot drinks, cooking, sports, as well as many other activities. It should be noted that at high-temperature oscillations, fogging on these lenses can still occur. But the good thing is that demisting often happens much faster than with ordinary glass, in a matter of seconds.

Natural Methods to Prevent Fogging Up 

Rinse your lenses with warm soapy water, and then allow them to air dry. Avoid using cloth or tissues, as the goal is to let the thin layer of soap stay on the lenses. It prevents the appearance of mist. After that, you can (but do not have to) use anti-fog sprays as extra protection.

Shaving cream is another of those old-fashioned methods that work. It should be used in a similar way as soap. After smearing the foam on a damp glass, wait a few seconds, then rinse it with lukewarm water. These products mainly contain glycerin to be gentle on the skin. This ingredient creates a protective layer on the glass surface that prevents condensation.

Other products you certainly have in the house that can prevent the appearance of mist on the glasses are toothpaste and mild shampoo. Use the paraben-free one, intended for babies and toddlers. As for toothpaste, just make sure it does not have abrasive components that would damage the glass surface. The method of application and effects are the same as with bar soap.

Raw potato slices are known for their starchy texture, which makes them great for repelling moisture. By placing the sliced potato on top of the lens, you can reduce the amount of fogging that occurs. Just be sure not to put the raw potato into your eyes.

Simple Tips to Follow 

If, on the other hand, you have found a solution for misty glasses, you can ask opticians or an expert from a local eyewear store for advice on how to prevent condensation. For example, they will suggest exhaling downward or wearing well-fitting masks or those made of breathable materials.

Experts from a reputable glasses store in NYC suggest plasters or medical tapes. Use them to make a seal between your face and mask. The goal is to make a nose bridge and keep the warm breath inside or direct it away from glasses. 

Blurred glasses are not only an aesthetic but also a functional problem. As wiping them is not a good idea, you should find an easier and more efficient way to get rid of these inconveniences. If none of the above helps, think of wearing contacts.

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