Book Your Flight Ticket Easily With Airblue Airlines

If you are thinking of travelling to Dubai this year with your friends, book your flight tickets with Airblue Airlines which is considered to be the top airline that operates between the Pakistan cities and covers international destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Take a break from your monotonous life and add fun and spice by travelling with your friends on Airblue Airlines. Experience a smooth and comfortable journey with them and book online your flight tickets with an easy-go method and web check-in to avoid last-minute problems.

Why should you book flight tickets for Airblue Airlines?

Airblue Airlines is a popular airline that operates between Pakistan cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and travels through international destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The price of Airblue Airlines is less expensive as compared to other airlines. You can book your airblue ticket easily through an online portal and cancel the flight in case of urgency without facing any trouble. You can even get access to your refund amount which will be credited to your account. You can prepone your flight ticket if you want to fly before your travel day.

The wide array of options such as flight time, flight duration, ticket price allows you to go through the Airblue flight routes within a second. Before booking your Airblue flight ticket, you can judge this flight based on various factors such as fare, flight time and cabin class. While making arrangements for your flight tickets, you can avail of discount coupons and other offers available on the website to lower the price of your ticket.

Depending upon your budget, you can book for Economy and Business Class. The Economy Class provides all kinds of standard services and consists of a professional cabin crew. It provides the option of snacks and drinks to their passengers and gives you all kinds of amenities that make your journey comfortable and safe.

In Economy Class, there is no source of entertainment but you bring with you electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops and use them once the flight has taken off. The Economy Class provides you with well-designed and comfortable seats to have an enjoyable journey. The Business Class, on the other hand, fulfills all basic amenities and services offered in Economy Class but one thing which you can easily access in business class is the airline's services that provide you non-stop entertainment on a 34 inch TV screen to enjoy your journey.

What are the baggage requirements while

travelling with Airblue Airlines?


If you are travelling with Airblue Airlines, then you must follow the necessary guidelines while packing your bags and preparing to board your flight. Here are necessary details, which you must take into consideration:

Airblue Airlines provides baggage requirements depending upon your fare family.

For Economy Class, you can get access to 45 kg of check-in baggage for free.

For Economy Standard, you can get access to 30 kg of check-in baggage for free.

However, in the last class, the Economy Discount Fare doesn’t allow any baggage for free.

So what are you waiting for!! Book your flight tickets now with Airblue Airlines and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip with your friends to Dubai.

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