Want to get a professional look? Here’s a Business Style Guide

We all know that business attire is slightly different from casual one. Unfortunately, many men don’t know how to get dressed up for the office. Sometimes they go too casual while some days, their formal look just does not match with the day they dress up for. Below are some best ideas for all those men who need a dazzling look for office.

Want to get a professional look? Here’s a Business Style Guide
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1. Choose what suits you not what’s expensive:

It is a popular misconception that formal wears and all the accessories have to be costly especially if you are trying to look well-proportioned. However, it is not true. It is not mandatory to wear a formal dress costing you an arm and a leg. .Rather, go for the outfit that suits you. You cannot take the price tag with you. However, if the suit is complimenting your personality, it is worth wearing even if it is cheap

2. Follow the dress code:

It is believed that a business look starts with a blazer, a shirt, and a tie. However, this is not true. The business look starts with the dress code. The dress code is defined in every organization. All you need to do is follow that code. Once you have got information about the dress code, you can work on it to get a killing look

3. Get a business suit:

In some offices, the dress code is defined as a two-piece suit. You need to be informed that not every two-piece suit is a business suit. Pair a dress shirt with a dress pant for a business suit. On special days, add a blazer with a waist coat underneath it

You can also find various other types of business suits such as pair of trousers and a jacket depending on what the dress code in your office is.

4. Add accessories:

Accessories are not just for females. Men can also ramp up their formal and professional look by adding different accessories. Watches are the most common and attractive accessories for men. Add a decent and delicate watch to your business outfit to glam up your look. Visit to buy the best Tag Heuer Watches at Watches of Mayfair.

Make sure the watch chosen by you is coherent with the formal look you have chosen to look well-proportioned with. Add cuff links with it to compliment your look

5. Add tie as a professional attire in your office outfit:

A tie is considered one of the most important parts of business attire. It reflects your emotions as well as personality. A suit worn with a tie and without tie has two entirely different looks.

Add ties of different colors to your dresses to get a new look every day at the office. Make sure that the collar knot is completely covered by the tie.

A business look for men is the most desirable look. It accentuates the personality of men in office if chosen it wisely.

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