7 Awesome Kitchen Tools You Never Knew You Needed

I used to think air fryers were just another fad kitchen gadget. I roll my eyes at how psyched my sister was about hers and how she gets excited for oil-free cooking topics and recipes day in, day out. BUT then I used one, got obsessed with air-frying everything too, and now I cannot imagine how my kitchen lasted without it.

7 Awesome Kitchen Tools You Never Knew You Needed
[image: pexels by jean van der meulen]

If you’re shopping around for something new, here are 7 kitchen tools that I’m sure you never knew you needed (but will definitely find super-useful): 

1. Strainer Pot Snap-on 

There’s a good chance you do pasta at least once a month. For the longest time I used an ordinary strainer to get things done, but when I was given the Kitchen Gizmo silicone Snap N’ Strainer, my pasta-making went on another level. 

It doesn’t come with an actual pan like other pasta pots, but this snap-on accessory fits almost any pot and pan in my kitchen. They’re affordable, indestructible and are great space-savers. 

2. Instant-Read Digital Thermometer 

Any kitchen should have a functional thermometer.  Not only does it prevent food-borne illnesses people tend to get from undercooked meats, digital thermometers are also used in everything from baking to candy-making, and more.  

Because they’re digital and sometimes can even talk, so you can get the science and guesswork out, and let this tool take care of reading temperatures for you. 

The best part? These quick-read digital thermometers can be used for your stovetop, oven, grilling, and even on simple tasks like checking the temperature of newly-heated milk. 

3. Chef's torch 

This one can be intimidating to use, but if you get used to it, your baked goods and recipes would definitely look professionally done. It adds a certain flair to the dishes, even if you're just cooking your go-to mac-n-cheese recipe, or searing your favorite steak. 

I use mine for roasting peppers, making s’mores with my kids, browning meringues and caramelizing creme brulee - the burnt-like texture tastes and feels just how you’d imagine it to be. 

Just make sure to keep this away from children - it can cause serious accidents in the hands of young kids. 

4. Burger press 

If you make homemade burgers regularly, invest in a burger press for perfectly round burgers every time that your friends and family would think your burgers were store-bought!

They're best for stuffing burgers with cheese, veggies, sausages and any other ingredients with ease. 

If you can, go with a heavy-duty, cast aluminum version like my favorite Weston Burger press that I’m sure can withstand a lifetime! 

5. Whisk cleaner 

The whisk is a pretty awesome tool. It is the secret for making perfect icing, homemade mayonnaise, fluffy cake batter and more. But they're a pain to clean. 

In most cases, you'd have to use a sponge to clean and get into the small spaces of the whisk, ending up unsure if you really did reach all areas properly. 

But with this whisk cleaner (I use the famous Whisk Wiper), you just have to slide it into your ordinary, stainless steel whisk, use normally for your recipes, and when done, pull it off the whisk. If you’re using it for cream, you’ll get a spoonful or two of your cream that you can just put back into your bowl. No more wasted butters, batters and creams ever. 

The Whisk Wiper also solves 2 other issues you face when using a mixer:

Catches the drip

Let it rest anywhere. The Whisk Wiper keeps it steady, so you don’t have to clean it if it accidentally slips down your cream-filled bowl. 

Whisk Wiper Pro is also available for stand mixers like the KitchenAid. After all, even these top-of-the-line branded mixers would still require cleaning of the whisks. 

6. Tabletop ice maker 

The modern ice makers are awesome. You don't need complicated plumbing; just pour in water and wait for it to make ice in under 30 minutes. 

The only downside is that you can’t keep already-formed ice in there for a long time; You must transfer the ice to another container or freezer. If you don’t, it will melt and be recycled for another go. But for parties and continuous production of ice, a tabletop ice maker is heaven-sent! 

7. Salt Pig or Salt Cellar 

Do you always find your rock salt sweaty and moist in its container after a couple of days? It’s a VERY common problem, so common that people just ignore it and use a pinch of salt even if it’s a bit wet. Others try to solve this by adding several grains of rice into the container (or inside the salt shaker). 

These wide, open-mouth salt containers are often made of wood or ceramic and keep moisture and dust out. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of these kitchen accessories before and put them on one of your wish-lists somewhere. I say invest in one right now. I promise you they can bring your meal-prep or kitchen skills to a whole new level.

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