6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Operating Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals make the dumping of food waste much easier and faster. However improper maintenance and wrong usage can lead to problems with the disposal. Given below are a few mistakes to avoid.

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Operating Garbage Disposal

1. Following The Wrong Operating Sequence

There is a certain way you should operate the garbage disposal. Following the wrong operating sequence can overload the appliance which will lead to clogs and malfunctioning of the disposal. Follow the steps given below sequentially to prevent problems,

● Start by running cold water in the sink. Cold water will help fats and greases present in food to move along the pipes more easily.

● Turn on your garbage disposal.

● Feed the food waste down the drain slowly and gently. Don’t dump large amounts of waste at once to avoid clogging the disposal.

● Run the disposal till all the waste is grinded and gone.

● Turn off the disposal and run water again for some time to flush out everything properly.

2. Using Commercial Drain Cleaners To Clean The Disposal

Don’t use commercial drain cleaners which contain harsh chemicals to clean your garbage disposal.

● They release harmful fumes which can be dangerous if inhaled in large amounts.

 They can damage the inner lining of your plumbing pipes.

● The components of your garbage disposal might get damaged. There are other safe and natural alternatives you can use to clean your garbage disposal.

● Combine ice cubes with salt and grind them in the disposal. Their abrasive action will help clean the garbage disposal blades. You can also put some lemon peels and grind them to get rid of stinky odours.

 Pour some baking soda down the drain and turn on the disposal. After 10 minutes add a cup of white vinegar. Finish off by flushing with water.

3. Disposing The Wrong Items

You should never treat your garbage disposal like a waste basket. There are some items you should avoid dumping in the disposal in order to avoid clogs and prevent damage to the disposal blades. Avoid dumping the following items in the garbage disposal,

● Very starchy items like potato peels, pasta, hard corn and other tough peels of certain vegetables and fruits.

● Hot greasy liquids and oils.

 Very fibrous fruits and vegetables.

● Meat bones and eggshells.

● Seeds and dry pulses.

● Non-food items like cigarettes, toothpicks and other items.

4. Assuming The Garbage Disposal Has Malfunctioned

When your garbage disposal seems to stop working, most people think it has malfunctioned. If your disposal happens to be clogged or overheated it will shut down automatically and all you need to do is reset it or you can get skip bin hire in Redcliffe. In order to reset your garbage disposal,

● Turn off your garbage disposal.

● Locate the red reset button which is usually located at the bottom of the unit. It will be dropped down by a quarter of an inch if the overload protector has tripped. Press the button.

● Start running cold water down the drain. After a few seconds turn on the disposal.

● If you are unable to rest the disposal, repeat the procedure a few times. If it still doesn’t reset, call a garbage disposal repair professional or call local drain cleaning company for help.

5. Pouring Hot Water While Grinding Food

Although pouring hot water is safe when the disposal is not working, never pour hot water in the disposal during the grinding process. Many people tend to think that pouring hot water will get rid of the grease faster. This is not true. Hot water will liquefy any grease or oil present in the food waste and this will clog your drain when the grease hardens. Make sure you use only cold water while running the garbage disposal.

6. Not Running The Disposal Regularly

Even if you don’t have to use your garbage disposal, try to run it regularly. This will help you to move the parts and get rid of any leftover food pieces which might harden over time. It can lead to unpleasant odours so make sure you run it every few days.

If you avoid the mistakes given above, you can prolong the life of your garbage disposal and get it to work smoothly. Run your disposal often and clean it properly to avoid expensive repairs.

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