Need Motivation to Get Up & Work Out? 7 Tips Inside!

Motivation won't always be there when you need it. If you're struggling to work out, try one of these seven expert tips. You'll be up and moving in no time! We all know why we should be exercising. Actually doing it, though, is another matter entirely. When your day is full of things you have to do, and you’d rather be doing anything but working out, it’s hard to get motivated. But, as the saying goes, nothing worth doing is ever easy, right? 

Many research studies show that there are endless mental and physical benefits to exercise.  So why is it so hard to actually do it? 

Getting started is always the hard part. For most people, once you get going, the benefits make the rest worthwhile. If you’re struggling to get off the couch or chair and get moving, try these seven tricks to motivate yourself! 

1. Talk to the Experts, First 

It sounds cliche, but before you start any fitness routine, you should talk to your doctor. Then, once you have their suggestions, you can make an informed plan instead of a general “I need to exercise” direction. 

If you don’t know much about exercise and fitness equipment, head to a gym that offers personal trainers or hire a private one. 

Both of these steps are important. They set a solid foundation for your ultimate workout success. 

Your doctor can guide you on what you should focus on and what to avoid based on your health conditions. Having your physician involved also helps motivate you because you know they’ll be expecting to see results. 

A personal trainer can teach you how to use the equipment that might be intimidating you right now. Having this help gives you the kick you need to get started without excuses, too. 

Most importantly, though, don’t skip the healthcare advice. This is particularly essential if you have physical conditions that working out might either help or harm. 

2. Set Your SMART Goals 

Setting fitness goals isn’t as simple as saying, “I want to get in shape.” 

You need to decide what “in shape” means for you. Losing thirty pounds is excellent, but that’s just a number on the scale. 

What does “losing thirty pounds” look like to you? 

Once you visualize what that means, you can set SMART goals to get there. This acronym is a way of guiding you toward reaching your goals through obtainable action steps. 

What are SMART Goals? 

By setting your goals the SMART way, you make them clear and reachable. Let’s break this down into examples to show you how to use SMART goals for exercising. 

This example is for someone who wants to walk as their form of exercise: 

Specific - The “S” is for specific goals that are simple and sensible. It’s the first part of your goal that gives a basic overview of what you want. For example, “I want to exercise each day” should be something like, “I will walk two miles every day.” 

Measurable - The “M” is measurable and meaningful. How will you know if you reached your two-mile goal? Find an app that tracks your progress or another way to hold yourself accountable. 

Achievable - Once you can easily meet your basic two-mile goal, you can make your next step attainable. This “achievable” progression would say, “I will add half a mile to my route each week.” 

Relevant - You’re more likely to follow through with a goal if it’s relevant to your big plans and fits in with your schedule. Make your walking goal reasonable by allowing yourself one or two nights off per week or having a backup plan for inclement weather. 

Time-based - Having a time-sensitive goal makes it seem more urgent in your mind. Make your walking goal time-limited with a sentence like, “I will be walking seven miles within ten weeks.” 

Your SMART goals won’t be exactly the same as these. You can swap out the details, but use the general format to create your own. 

3. Get Accountable for Your Goals 

Without a way to hold yourself accountable, it’s easy to slack on your goals. 

There are two main avenues the majority of people take when they start a workout program: 

1. They find an accountability partner

2. They holler their goals loudly to everyone 

If you choose the accountability partner route, you need to find someone you can confide in. They need to be aware of your goals, your “why,” and your progress and setbacks. 

This can’t be just anyone. It has to be someone you know will check in on you and ask for an explanation of why you didn’t hit your target. Knowing you’re going to have to come up with an excuse may not be a big deal. But having that reminder is often enough to push you to get up and go. 

Letting others know about your goals loud and proud can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Experts suggest that this is one way to get people to cheer you on and give you tips if you need them. The extra pressure can help motivate you to keep going. 

On the other hand, if you aren’t able to keep going, you may have to deal with insults and mocking. Even if you’re moving forward with your goals, peer pressure isn’t always helpful, either. 

Whichever avenue you choose for accountability, be selective with who you share your details with and who you listen to. 

4. Get Dressed 

Yes, your workout clothes do matter. 

When you’re wearing something you feel good in but comfortable enough to move around in, you’re more likely to get up and get moving. 

Give yourself permission and a small budget to buy something new to reward yourself for this next step in your future. 

Remember: bright workout outfits are more motivating than dull or black. 

If you love your outfit, that’s great! But don’t wear it unless you’re working out or it defeats the purpose of motivating you. 

5. Use Your Timer 

There’s something about that annoying chime that wakes us up and gets us in gear. 

Almost everyone already has a smartphone attached to their hip. If you do, you have a timer at your disposal. 

You don’t even have to lift a finger. Tell Siri or use your Android voice commands to set a timer anytime you sit down to watch TV or use social media. This keeps you from getting sucked into the abyss. 

Use your timer to help you with your exercise, too. Counting backward instead of forward is a good mental trick. 

6. Watch What You Eat 

It’s hard to get motivated when you’re in a sugar or carb coma. If you want to be healthy, eating well and working out go hand-in-hand. 

Your body relies on what you feed it for the vitamins and minerals it needs to run efficiently. Constantly providing it with junk will eventually mean your body is running on sludge without the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

 This will make you feel sleepy and sluggish instead of ready to rock your workout. Stay hydrated and turn away the grease and junk food, and you’re more likely to find yourself motivated to exercise. 

7. Find Something You Enjoy Doing 

Many people have the misconception that “working out” means going to the gym and using weights or a treadmill.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you enjoy the gym atmosphere, great! If not, find something active you do like. 

This could be going for a hike, taking a dance class, or even simply walking around your neighborhood. 

As long as you’re moving around and following your doctor’s suggestions, you’re doing better than if you were binging the latest series on Netflix. 

Don’t feel bad if you can’t push yourself as far as you want to go. The fact that you’re trying means you’ll get there soon!  

You know there are lots of benefits to working out. You know what you need to do and why you should do it. The hard part is getting motivated to move. 

With these tips, you’re creating a lifestyle full of habits that will help you choose healthy actions over any old behaviors. Having these long-haul conditions will pull you through any temptation to give up. 

Once you reach your goals, who knows, you might enjoy working out! 

Author bio: Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with The Proper Raleigh to help them with their online marketing.

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