Finding The Right Hormone Therapy In 2021

Growing up as transgender can be difficult in many different forms. The stigma and phobia that is exhibited towards the trans community can make it very hard for trans youth to feel accepted in society as their true gender. Thankfully, there are options like hormone therapy that have enabled individuals to live more comfortably. The main thing we want is to feel accepted in society and to be able to express our true selves.

Finding The Right Hormone Therapy In 2021
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In finding the right hormone therapy, one must first understand what this therapy is all about. It can be hormone therapy for FTM or transgender man, a person born with female physical qualities but has a male gender identity; and hormone therapy for MTF or transgender woman, a person born with male physical attributes but has a female gender identity. Each treatment differs from the other, but in general, the intended result is the same. A transgender man or woman will want to undergo this therapy to match their gender identity finally. 

But first, how does the whole process happen? When a transgender man or woman feels that  hormone therapy is something they want to pursue, and they feel ready to transition, do they go to their physicians and ask for “Which Transgender hormone therapy near me is suitable?” Well, in reality, yes. That is the first step. 

During Hormone Therapy 

● The usual medication is taken orally once a day, preferably at the same time.

● If you have questions, do not ever hesitate to ask your doctor, no matter how small it may be. Never take the medication more or less than what is prescribed, and do not stop taking it without the doctor’s advice.

● Information like allergies to hormones, medicines, supplements, and illnesses (mainly asthma, underlying mental health issues, hysterectomy, etc.) must be relayed beforehand.

● If you want to get pregnant or are pregnant or have any surgery (even dental surgery), you have to inform your dentist or physician about your HRT.

● Quit drinking and smoking since smoking can amplify the side effects of this treatment. It will also decrease the effectiveness of the HRT.

● Vision might have a change while on HRT, which is why if you have eye issues or already wearing contacts/glasses, please clear this with your hormone treatment provider.

● Your bones might experience a bit of deterioration while on HRT. Your provider might require calcium supplements that you need to take religiously.

● If you forget to take your pill, then take it immediately as you remember. But if the interval is close to 24 hours, push on with the following medication. Do not take two pills at the same time. Also, inform your provider about the skipped dose.

● Make a journal of your own experiences during the whole process. Also, all medical records (hard copies) must be kept in an envelope or folder. It can come in handy in the future. 

Speaking Of Side Effects 

Oh yes, HRT has side effects, and people undergoing treatment have been vocal about this. These are normal, if within mild levels. 

- Headache, nausea, and vomiting

- Upset stomach, change in appetite, weight gain or weight loss, and diarrhea

- Change in menstruation and sex drive

- Mild edema, fidgeting, and skin changes 

If symptoms are unusual and intense, go to the ER immediately, and inform them of your HRT and symptoms. Do not fret, though; experiencing severe physical impairment symptoms is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. 

It is a fantastic feeling to be finally who you are, physically and mentally. For many, life begins slowly during treatment, when physical changes are starting to show. The connection to one’s being is guilt-free and eye-opening. Looking at the mirror will feel uplifting and hopeful with a big sigh of relief. There will be more changes after the HRT is done, but for most, we can move towards feeling our self-esteem and self-confidence improve.

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