What To Wear To An Autumn Wedding

With wedding season around the corner, it is best to be prepared and have your outfit and accessories ready to go! There is nothing worse than a last minute rush, especially with the changing seasons. Autumn can be a difficult time to style due to the transitional weather - Will it be warm, will it be cold? Either way, we have you covered for inspiration with our Autumn Wedding guide. 

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What To Wear To An Autumn Wedding
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Top Three Autumn Style Trends To Try

Three-Piece Set

If it is good enough for Princess Di, it is good enough for you. Style yourself chic and timeless by adopting the three-piece set approach. No, don’t be worried, if suits still aren’t your thing this can also apply to a skirt or layered dress. 

The three-piece set is comprised of the following: 





Keep your base long and stylish. You want a material that is comfortable but also timeless looking - you don’t want to look back on the wedding photography and hate your outfit! 

You need a plan for your outfit. If you have a statement pair of pants, you want complementary solid or neutral colours for your middle and outer layers. 

Similarly, if you want to wear plain pants, then you will need one of your other layers to pop. 

Whichever way you decide, opt for a long sleek pair of pants or maxi skirt. Even though it is Autumn and it might be a little warm still, the elegance of a long layered look is chic. 

If it is chillier and you want more layers, consider wearing a maxi dress as your base for more layering options. 


Your middle layer should either be your pop and statement, and if not, tie in with your outer layer. 

For best dressed looks, try wearing a flattering style of top. This does not necessarily mean a tight-fitting top, as they don’t work best on everyone. Play with what you know suits you, and experiment with styles. 

If your base layer is high waisted, why not consider a cropped look or tucking your shirt into your pants for an effortless look? 

If it is colder, you could always try layering a long sleeve blouse with a knit vest - these are very on trend at the moment albeit remaining a classic wardrobe staple.


Your outer layer ties the entire look together. Depending on the weather, your third piece in the set can be a light layer, or a heavier layer. 

If the weather is not too cold, a breezy trench coat could do the trick. If it is in between, consider a shawl or light cape to finish your look. If you want a sharp edge to your outfit, why not wear a blazer? 

Winter sometimes creeps up early during Autumn, so if you are faced with the frost then a more heavy duty blazer would work, or a longline coat. Unless the reception is outside, you will be able to stay cosy indoors and take it off if you do get too warm! 

Match The Season

Autumn is bursting with colour, why not take inspiration from this crisp season and dress accordingly? 

You can style your three-piece set with complementary tones and hues. Try avoiding a truly monochromatic look, mix it up a bit! 

If your base layer is burgundy, consider a cream or statement middle layer with a camel coloured outer layer. 

If your base layer is chocolate, try a burnt orange middle layer with a sand coloured outer layer. 

If your base layer is white, make your middle layer a blush pink with your outer layer a deep wine red.

If your base layer is dusty rose, try a white or statement middle layer with a chocolate covered outer layer.  

Contrastingly, mustard yellow and teal are also fantastic colours to wear to an autumn wedding. Just because it isn’t quite winter yet does not mean you can’t wear blue, and teal is the perfect sparkling choice for this season. Break it up with a pop of yellow and you are good to go! 

Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorise

When styling for a wedding, the most brushed over aspect of the look are accessories. They are always last minute thought, if they are thought of at all! 

Your outfit is not complete until you have a few rings on your fingers, especially a gorgeous engagement ring if you are the lovely bride-to-be.Rings

If you are a wedding guest, pair your rings with your already established outfit. 

Going with darker colours? Maybe try yellow gold rings! 

Feeling like lighter colours? Why not opt for rose gold or white gold? 

Layered Necklaces

The latest trend on the block that does not seem to be going away are layered necklaces. 

Pair a shorter chain with a longer chain, mixing and matching styles for an extra stylish touch to your outfit! 


If you are a wedding guest, the headpiece must not be too overpowering so that it takes attention away from the bride. 

Some weddings have headpieces as a part of the dress attire, think of the Royal Family for example, everyone wears hats! 

We suggest that you take a subtle approach to this accessory and wear a sophisticated headband or hair clip. 

If you are the bride and want to wear something other than a veil, a gold foliage tiara can make you look like the autumnal queen you are.

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