Why Must We Prefer Shower Doors Instead of Shower Curtains?

Are you remodeling the interior of your bathroom? If you have been using shower curtains instead of a shower door and now wish to get a new and unique look for your shower area, then this article is for you.

Why Must We Prefer Shower Doors Instead of Shower Curtains?
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A restroom is almost like one of your most personal oases. So, it is only natural that you want to select the best items to install in it. There are so many remodeling options of the interior that you can go through. Changing the interior of any corner of your house is overwhelming. From choosing the best shower tub to best toilet or basin, there is nothing different. These things require consideration and professionalism because no one wants to enter a messy, unorganized bathroom every morning.

In the case of selecting the shower enclosures, there is something that is tried and best, and it is custom glass shower doors. These types of shower curtains are far better than polyvinyl ones. Then you have to decide whether you want to install frameless glass shower doors or frameless glass shower doors.

Here, most of it is dependent on the budget. With an estimate of the budget, you can select the best thing for your bathroom. But here, we want to discuss why you should prefer a glass shower door instead of shower curtains. From hygienic issues to interrupting personal space, there are several issues that you have to face with shower curtains.

Below, I have mentioned some of the benefits of installing a custom glass sliding shower door in your bathroom. Here you can learn why most people and interior designers these days are preferring these doors over the shower curtains.

Reasons for Installing Glass Shower Doors Instead of Shower Curtains

Several reasons can easily make your mind to install shower doors. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Glass Shower Doors Gives a Spacious Look

Do you have a small bathroom? Installing or changing the interior of the small bathroom is tricky. You have to adjust things according to space, and here you can show your magic. Giving a spacious look to your small bathrooms can work for you. Do you want to enhance the overall space of your bathroom? If yes, then the glass enclosure is the only thing that you need. 

A glass sliding door makes your space look bigger and more comfortable. A glass enclosure can efficiently enhance the congested space in your bathroom. A sliding glass shower door makes your bathroom look more spacious, and bigger than its actual size. A shower frame comes up in different forms but you should always prefer custom glass shower doors because they are more fitting and personalized. They also improve the airflow within the bathroom.

2. Shower Doors Have Long Term Value

Are you tired of having a traditional and old-fashioned bathroom? Do you want to give a fresh, eye-catching, and modern look to your bathroom? If yes, then glass sliding shower doors are providing a modern, and a higher-end look to your old bathrooms. In remodeling your bathroom, shower doors are considered as an investment. 

As compared to shower curtains, frameless and framed glass shower doors are providing the long-term values. Regardless of the fact that the price tags of glass doors are a bit higher as compared to plastic curtains, the glass shower doors have a longer life-span. With an easy method of cleaning and a high value of durability, a glass sliding custom shower door provides resistance against stains and mildews.

3. Allows the Light Through

Lighting is also one of the biggest points that you should keep in mind while selecting the interior of your bathroom. Sometimes it is just not possible to install various lightings in specific areas. If this is your problem, then the solution is simple. A bathroom is the most important area where you should arrange enough flow of light. 

Proper lighting will help you perform your daily morning routines easily. And for this purpose, a frameless or framed glass sliding shower door is a better option than having a shower curtain. Glass can reflect light more effectively in every corner of the bathroom as compared to curtains. And it also helps you find shampoos, soaps, and your razors easily.

4. Low Maintenance Required

Everything loses its quality, look, and working ability with time. This is the reason that we should keep an eye on the maintenance of our surroundings. The most important benefit of choosing a glass shower door over curtains is that it requires less maintenance. With high durability, amazing resistance and the easy-to-clean method, you can get rid of grime, dust, and residue of soaps within few minutes. Instead of this, a shower curtain requires more maintenance and cleaning. And most importantly, it is unhygienic to take a bath in the area which is not clean itself.

For cleaning your glass sliding doors, you just need the best glass door cleaning product and a piece of soft paper cloth. You can also use some homemade cleaning solutions such as vinegar and baking soda. Moreover, alcohol is also a good alternative cleaning solution.

5. High Customizability

This is also another important reason why people are using glass shower doors. The main benefit of choosing the glass shower enclosures is that they are easily customizable, and they are available in every size. In the glass market, you can get the best glass shower door designs and different sizes that can fit in your bathrooms. This property of shower doors allows interior designers to design the shower space in your bathroom according to it.

6. Shower Doors Are Safer that Shower Curtains

The main downside of having a shower curtain is that it can create fall hazards and increase the chances of slipping. This option is not safe for young ones and for the elder people of the house. Custom glass shower doors are much safer than any of the leaky and slippery shower curtains. Due to glass sliding shower doors, there are fewer chances of mishaps happening in the bathroom. Moreover, it would be best if you clean the space after you shower.

7. Increased Value of Your Home

Who doesn’t want to increase the value of his house? Do you want to add more value to the interior of your house? Have you changed the worn-out shower enclosure of your bathroom? If no, then do it. If you are planning to sell your residential property or want to give your property on rent, then installing glass shower doors just make your bathrooms more voguish. 

Bathrooms are also one of the most important parts of any house, and they can play a great role in increasing the sale value of your house. So, it is better to replace your old shower curtains with a new glass shower door.

You just learned some of the benefits of installing a shower glass in your bathroom instead of a shower curtain. A glass shower is available in different types of materials and frames. You can select the one best suited for your bathroom according to your budget.

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