What Makes Texas Wine the Finest in the Country?

Texas is known for quite a lot of things, from big belt buckles to 10-gallon hats. But another highlight about the Lone Star State is its wines. Boasting about 5000 acres of wine grapes, it ranks as the 5th largest wine-producing state in the US.

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What Makes Texas Wine the Finest in the Country?
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The best city to enjoy a glass of Texas fine wine is Fort Worth. You will find world-class Texas wines here, epitomizing its affluent lifestyle and urban energy. It presents classy wine bars, where you can unwind and have a great time relishing flavorful wines. Their specialty is their award-winning Texas wine collection, which can turn any get-together, with your loved ones, a celebration.

Here's what makes this wine variety the finest in the country.

The Use of Locally Sourced Grapes

The Texas High Plains American Viticultural Area is the source for about 80% of Texas grapes. Its sandy loam soil and ideal environment are pretty favorable for an excellent grape harvest.

And top wine bars in the Fort Worth region offer wines made from this local produce. Some also source grapes from vineyards in Brownfield, ensuring the wine you get to enjoy is the finest, containing grape varietals grown locally in the Texas region.

Favorable Weather Conditions

Texas has a warm continental climate, similar to that in countries like Spain and Portugal. Though the warm temperatures suit the growth of most of the major grape varietals, the spring frost and hail, leading to lack of water, do not work for a few selective varieties.

And so, Texas winemakers avoid pursuing some of the most popular grapes, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as they bud early, leading to their decimation by frost.

Very Young Vines Across Texas

Recently the state added around 1,200 bearing acres of vineyards, increasing the planting area by 82% in the High Plains. Wines made from grapes grown in these newer vines do not have much depth and complexity for now. However, in a few years, they will be on the verge of becoming a vintage collection.

Renowned wine bars across Fort Worth, featuring a classic Texas fine wine collection, offer such aging wines, which will have increased intense flavors with every year passing.

Texas Makes Some of The Best Grape Varietals

Texas is home to the world’s best Tempranillo, Merlot and Viognier; they have become the state’s emerging signature grapes. While you can enjoy Tempranillo as a medium to a full glass of tannic red wine, those made from Merlot have an earthy and elegant taste. On the other hand, Viognier imparts a pleasant and delicate flavor to the wines.

And when you are in Fort Worth, you can also expect wines made from other warm-weather grape varieties. They are stunningly aromatic, particularly those made from grapes such as Albariño, Marsanne, Syrah and Tannat.

Award-winning Experts to Lead the Way

Leading wine experts in Texas, in recent years, have created spectacular wines, showcasing the genuine terroirs and varietals found in this state. They collaborate with Texas vintners to explore the famous red and white grapes that grow best in the challenging microclimates of this region.

With these specialists making wines that capture the true essence of Texas, wine bars in Fort Worth thus feature well-curated, top-quality wines. The grape varietals and blends used are similar to those chosen by the Châteauneuf du Pape region’s vintners, a testament to the premium wines served in CowTown.

Find A Great Wine Bar in Fort Worth

Like the rest of Texas, Fort Worth recognizes October as Texas Wine Month and hosts the prestigious yearly Food and Wine Festival for locals to enjoy Texas wines.

But a fine wine tasting experience requires a warm and welcoming ambiance, perfect glassware, and lip-smacking delicacies that go very well with the classy drink. Look for a wine bar in Fort Worth that provides just that, thus ensuring you can celebrate the premium Texas wines, just like Cow Town honors.

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