Understanding The Differences About Aesthetics

One of the most common parts of the body that people can be unsatisfied with, is the nose since it is constantly seen by others and themselves. This can make people self-conscious over the smallest things, like shape, size, or functionality of their noses. But, fortunately for many people, they do not have to live with these lingering insecurities — a skilled plastic surgeon might just be the answer they were always looking for. 

Understanding The Differences About Aesthetics
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Understanding the Differences 

The first step towards choosing the best rhinoplasty is acquiring knowledge on what these two procedures do and achieve, differently from each other. 

Essentially, the open rhinoplasty procedure involves an incision being made between the nostrils, on the underside of the nose (this part of the nose is called the columella). The columella serves as a point of access to effectively access the underlying structures of the nose. This incision allows the surgeon to see the inside of the nose and know what they are doing better. Open rhinoplasty is by far the most direct approach, but it is likely to leave a scar on the bottom of the nose, which can be a real deal breaker for many. To combat this, advancements in scar treatment and reduction are on the rise, but it may never completely go away. 

Fortunately, in the closed rhinoplasty, there is no visible scarring, which makes it a great option for people who do not want it to be obvious they underwent surgery. The surgery is conducted through the nostrils, to ensure there is no scar left behind. Though, being done through the nostrils and not through a visible incision, means the surgeon is unable to properly see what is going on inside. Not just any plastic surgeon can or should do an open rhinoplasty; it should be an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who is a master of their craft.

Open Rhinoplasty 

Being the more straightforward and easier option to perform, the open rhinoplasty is the most common decision because it involves less risk and has traditionally worked for over a century. 

Sterilized instruments are utilized to remove excess cartilage, to give the nose a new shape. Though, sometimes the surgeon wants to add cartilage to certain areas, so grafting is necessary. This means taking cartilage from other locations, like the ear, to accomplish the end goal. Within two weeks of the surgery, the sutures should dissolve on their own. By week three, most patients can return to their normal day-to-day activities. 


Better exposure to nasal structure (surgeon can see what they are doing)

Easier for the surgeon to perform


A lengthier and more invasive procedure than closed rhinoplasty

Longer recovery time

Leaves a visible scar 

Closed Rhinoplasty 

One should consider a closed rhinoplasty if they want to avoid a permanent scar on the tip of their nose. The closed procedure is less commonly done because it is more difficult to conduct and requires the steady hand of a highly proficient and experienced surgeon. If going for this procedure, one should entrust their nose to a rhinoplasty expert. The surgery typically takes under two hours to perform, with a recovery time of around a week, before patients can resume normal activities. 


No visible scarring

Shorter procedure and recovery


Surgeon cannot see the nasal structure, inside

It is harder to find the right surgeon to carry out the procedure 

Rhinoplasties Do not Just Affect Aesthetics 

On top of improving, one’s aesthetics, a rhinoplasty can also serve to correct breathing problems. Though, the most common reasoning for getting the surgery, is to improve the aesthetic quality of one’s appearance. On the other hand, the surgery has shown great results in improving other conditions, such as reduced breathing from sleep apnea. 

Rhinoplasty patients often find that they can breathe better than before, since the surgery corrects the nasal passages, as well. People naturally breathe through the nose, but when this is restricted, it results in reduced oxygen in the body. This can cause high blood pressure and negative effects in the body, overall. 

If you are interested in alleviation of your nose-related insecurities, you need to entrust your nose to a rhinoplasty professional. Consider a rhinoplasty with top South Carolina facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Russell. He has helped many patients achieve their facial aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation by calling at (843) 576-3302 and get started on the path to finding self-confidence in your nose shape for years to come.

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