In Too Deep: 4 Steps To Take If You're Struggling To Keep Up With College Coursework

College is pretty much guaranteed to simultaneously be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. It's your first taste of real freedom and independence but also your introduction to serious adult responsibilities. Don't even get us started on all the other new experiences you'll find on your schedule over the coming years.

In Too Deep: 4 Steps To Take If You're Struggling To Keep Up With College Coursework
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For the most part, college is great fun, and you'll enjoy having the opportunity to learn about what truly piques your interest and furthers your career goals. Of course, that doesn't mean it'll all be smooth sailing. 

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with your coursework, you're not alone. That's why we've put together this list of steps to help you get out of the hole it feels like you're in. 

Step One: Seek Help

If you're not yet at the point where everything feels impossible, the simplest solution to your issue could be to find an online tutor. Getting assistance from somebody who has already studied (and passed) the units you're completing could be all you need to get back on track. Plus, you'll probably even find that your knowledge (and by extension your grade) improves well beyond your current expectations. 

Step Two: Prioritize

If you're still struggling after calling in some help, it's time to reassess your priorities in life. For example, if you're working too much to give your studies the attention they need, consider whether it might be possible to cut back your hours until you're in a better position with your coursework. Alternatively, you may need to consider cutting the downtime you spend socializing or engaging in other extracurricular activities. 

Step Three: Maintain Supportive Relationships 

While this may seem counterproductive since we literally just said you may need to cut back the time you spend socializing, maintaining supportive relationships will greatly assist you in dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Remember, the key part of the above sentence is ‘supportive.’ 

We're not suggesting that you go drinking at some random bar with students from down the hall just so you can all procrastinate together. We're talking about spending time with friends and family members who help bring a sense of calm to your life and who can assist you in getting back on track. 

Step 4: Self Care

Finally, it is important that you focus on looking after yourself during this stressful time. Shifts at work can be made up later, coursework can be repeated and resubmitted if necessary, and true friends will understand that you need some time to focus on smashing your goals right now. Your body, however, will not understand why you're neglecting it, and you're not going to perform at your peak if you're not taking care of yourself. That's why we always suggest prioritizing self-care. 

You'd be surprised by how much of a difference having a healthy diet, working out regularly, and maintaining a proper sleep schedule can improve your functioning. Regular exercise will help you get better sleep, as can essential oils like lavender, especially if you use an electric aroma diffuser. Any other self-care rituals that you like to partake in should never be neglected if they make you feel better. 

Remember, this too shall pass, and at the end of these tough years, you'll be excited about your qualifications. Funnily enough, you'll probably also wish you could do it all over again. For now, just focus on doing the best you can and living your best life – everything will be okay.

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