The Best Mobile Apps 2021 in Malaysia

Every mobile user has different needs, but it's hard to imagine a mobile phone without apps. From Facebook and Instagram to gaming and betting sites, here are the best mobile apps 2021 in Malaysia.

Let's Start With a Little Bit of Statistic

Over 30 million people in Malaysia use smartphones. With the current population of 32,7 million people, it is clear that almost everybody in the country owns a mobile phone. And it is predicted that this number will rise up to 33 million by 2024. Education and the level of financial stability have a significant impact on one's decision to purchase a smartphone. Still, as in most of the world, the younger generation is more attracted to technological innovations. 

The internet and social media have conquered the hearts of Malaysians. On average, every resident of this beautiful country spends over seven hours on the internet. Almost half of that time he or she spends on social media. Smartphone owners also use their mobile devices for texting and taking pictures.

The most popular games apps in Malaysia

In the past couple of years, the popularity of mobile gaming in Malaysia has risen. Mobile apps have already covered the bigger half of the gaming market. Malaysia is a developing country, yet mobile gaming is already a noticeable and attractive business.

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular games among Malaysian gamers. It is a shooting game, and it's available on mobile. Those who love survival games enjoy playing it. Each player pits against 49 other players. A player can choose their starting point and try to stay in the safe zone as long as possible. There are a few exciting options, including hiding in the wild or becoming invisible by hiding under rifts or grass. A player's goal is to answer the call of duty and survive.

PUBG Mobile

Launched in 2018, PUBG is a Battle Royale mobile game. Created by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile focuses on shooting, maps, and visual quality. The game takes a hundred players on a one-of-a-kind journey. Players are expected to make the most out of the terrain, vehicles, and survival supplies. This game is not only a great source of fun and excitement but also a hub that connects players from all around the globe. No wonder why it gained worldwide popularity.

For All the Malaysian Betting Enthusiasts

The online betting industry in Malaysia is booming. However, Malaysians are careful when it comes to their gambling choices, and finding a reliable online gambling platform is the most important criteria they follow.

888Sport - The Home of Attractive Welcome Offers

Promotions and bonuses are proven formulae for attracting new players and keeping the old ones. For instance, 888Sport is known for its generous sign-up offers. It is also among the most popular ones thanks to regular promotions.

Bet365 - A Best In-play Betting Site in Malaysia

If you are looking for a reliable betting site in Malaysia, Bet365 Malaysia is undoubtedly the best you can find. It is also known as one of the best in-play betting sites in the country. Its in-play section contains detailed stats, scores, and graphics, providing a complete betting experience. Bet365 is also known for its seamless live-streaming service. Aside from betting, you can watch your favorite games. And there's more — the service is free and available on smartphones.

Malaysians Spend Almost Three Hours Per Day on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It is hard to imagine a day without checking Facebook or Instagram feeds. As almost everywhere in the world, social media has seduced Malaysians. The younger generation is drawn to Facebook and Instagram and will continue to use them in 2021.

Tinder and OkCupid: A Dating Revolution

Social platforms like Facebook or Instagram allow us to meet new people, but dating apps have changed our perspective on where, when, and how we can meet a potential emotional partner. Malaysians, primarily the younger ones, use apps such as Tinder and OkCupid. With everything that has happened in the last twelve months, one thing is evident—dating apps are here to stay. 

To conclude - whatever you think of, there is probably an app for it. From dating to online betting, the app market in Malaysia is seeing an enormous array of options available, and it is promised to grow.

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