Work From Paradise: How To Make The Most Of Your Remote Work

Working from home has many perks, including the time you get back in your day without a commute. This is especially true if you live in a bigger city, where traffic can drag on for hours. But remote work also has its downsides, like the loneliness many professionals feel after being cooped up at home. Most people didn’t realize the importance of regular, in-person interactions with co-workers until they began working from home. With a few considerations, you can make the most out of your remote work situation and invite more pleasure into your life.

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Work From Paradise: How To Make The Most Of Your Remote Work
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Prioritize Comfort in Your Workspace

Although it’s tempting to stay in bed or cuddle up on your favorite couch to work on your laptop, these positions aren’t good for your back. Make your desk alluring by prioritizing comfort. Add ergonomic support for posture and keep a throw blanket nearby so you can lay it across your lap. 

Personalize with other items that invite a sense of peace, like meaningful photos and other knickknacks that bring a smile to your face. When you spruce your workspace with the items that help you settle in, you can look forward to waking up and getting to your desk for the workday.

Say Yes to Video Calls

Video calls have become the norm for those working remotely and for good reason. The isolation associated with working from home can affect even the most introverted professionals. Being able to see your co-workers humanizes your environment and helps you remain connected from afar. Be mindful of your background for these calls; it’s like inviting people into your home. Make use of pleasing colors, natural light, and be sure anything visible is clean and organized.

Maintain A High Level of Communication

Don’t let unanswered emails sit in your inbox — you should prioritize communication with your team to ensure everyone is on schedule with their projects. It’s not as easy as leaning over a cubicle wall to get the scoop on a new project, so you’ll need to keep your communication with co-workers clear and consistent. 

Quick phone calls can help you gain clarity faster than typing back and forth through a chat box. You can always follow up with a recap email to be sure everyone agrees following a verbal exchange. Regular verbal communication helps you feel connected to your team, so make those calls! Popular business communication tools for team messaging, such as MS Teams and Zoom, have been widely used by organizations. Other communication tools such as secure online fax are among those tools that would eventually energize your organization due to quick relay of information and better info management.

Keep A Consistent Schedule

Without the structure offered by on-site work environments, it may tempt you to keep an unpredictable, imbalanced schedule. However, structure is better for productivity and for your mental health. Create a routine that works for you and stick to it. You should start your day with self-care, including simple tasks like brushing your hair and your teeth.

Continue your ritual with your favorite morning beverage, like tea or coffee and be sure you’re eating nutrient dense food throughout the day. Take regularly scheduled breaks to get up, stretch, or go outside for a walk. When you keep a consistent schedule, you prevent burnout because you’re giving your body and mind the stimulation required to keep you happy and productive.

Let Natural Light In

Being home all the time, especially when you’re facing a lit screen for hours daily, can negatively affect your overall sense of wellbeing. Invite natural light into your workspace to keep you feeling connected to the world. Open a window if the weather permits and let the fresh air circulate throughout your home. 

If you’re distracted thinking of a work deadline, you can easily forget to open your windows before sitting at your desk to type away. Make this step a part of your morning routine; it’ll help you wake up and get ready for the day, and create a more vibrant environment for you to work in.

Book a Getaway — And Take Your Laptop

Remote work doesn’t mean you have to stay glued to your own home. The beauty of working remotely means you can work from anywhere, even paradise. Imagine looking out beyond your laptop screen to take in the unmistakable view only the Caribbean can offer. Can you smell the ocean air already? Resorts are open and offering some enticing deals. 

For example, you can try an extended stay in Antigua, where you live beachfront, bask in the luxury of a personal butler, and settle into a whirlpool tub at the end of your workday. Take a dip in your own private pool during your lunch break and explore gourmet restaurants in the evening. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your spouse, a getaway in paradise will liven your spirits. And the best part is you don’t even have to use your vacation hours!

Remote work can become incredibly dull if you let it. But when you recognize the gifts that come along with it, you can make the most of it. You have more time to spend with loved ones and you’re mobile — you can just pack up and go! Prioritize self-care at home, make the most of your workspace, and book that getaway in paradise — you deserve it.

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