How Can I boost My Metabolism as I Age?

How Can I boost My Metabolism as I Age?

Aging is a fact of life. As your body ages, you’ll lose muscle cells, your metabolism starts to slow, and you may feel like you have less energy. But, you don’t have to accept this! There are several things you can do that will help you to boost your metabolism and even feel more energetic than when you were 20!

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Drink Your Coffee

Research has shown that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day is actually beneficial to your health. If you love your morning coffee and need it to kick start your day then have it! Better still, get yourself a coffee machine with a timer that will have the coffee ready for you when you wake.

Consider Supplements

You need the right amount of vitamins and minerals, a supplementary daily vitamin pill can help to ensure you get what your body needs. But, this is not the only kind of supplement that you’ll find beneficial. It’s also time to consider NR supplements.

These are based on NAD IV therapy which adds amino acids to your body, these amino acids have been shown to improve brain cell health and boost your metabolism. It might not be a miracle cure for everything but it’s a great starting point.


It can seem counter-productive to sleep in order to gain energy. However, every adult should get between 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night. When you sleep your body balances your hormones, producing more of the ones you need. It also repairs cell damage, allowing you to have more energy and for your metabolism to work faster and more efficiently when you’re awake. Check your bedtime and adjust as necessary.


Cardio exercise is a great way of building endurance and helping to keep your heart healthy. Because your heart rate is elevated when you exercise you’ll be improving your overall health and the speed of your metabolism.

But, you should also consider doing some strength training. This will repair and grow your muscles. As muscle burns approximately 3 times more calories than fat, you’ll need to burn more calories simply to maintain your muscle.

In short, burning more calories will help you to lose weight and boost your metabolic speed.

Top Tip: When strength training focuses on working groups of muscles, not individual ones. You’ll find the results are more impressive.

Eat Properly

There are two sides to eating properly as you age.

1. Boosts metabolism levels

If you eat small meals throughout the day you’ll keep your metabolism operating at a higher speed than if you choose to eat one large meal a day.

While it can be easy to skip meals when you age, this is not a good idea as it causes a dip in your metabolic rate, which will help you to feel sluggish and put on the pounds.

2. Eating healthily

Eating healthily simple means avoiding processed foods whenever possible. Processed foods tend to have sugars and other chemicals added which will increase the fat levels in your body, effectively slowing your metabolism and making it harder for you to exercise.

Instead, consider pre-preparing your meals, it will save you time and hassle; while boosting your metabolism.

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