The Convenient Way to Making Juices

The Convenient Way to Making Juices 

Juicing is the process of extracting juices from fresh vegetables and fruits. The liquid that oozes as a result of extraction is packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. According to Jennifer Bar, RD, a nutritionist from Wilmington, DE, if you are not fond of eating vegetables and fruits, juicing could be a better alternative to ensure you will not miss out on the nutrients that these plant-based foods provide. You can buy juice presses in an effort to improve your health by drinking fresh juices. In this article, we will discuss some convenient ways of making juices.

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You must invest on a top quality juice press.

If you are not using a reliable and efficient juice press, chances are you won’t be able to get most of the nutrients from the fruit or vegetable. A poor quality juice press may also lead you to become frustrated due to jammed-up fruits or veggies inside. 

High quality juice presses can be found on A high quality juice press will help you save time and effort while preventing frustrations that could become an obstacle in preparing amazing juice recipes.

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Use apple on your juicing recipes. 
Some combinations of fruits or vegetables tend to end up as a gross tasting drink. This could be one of the worst things that may happen when juicing. It feels terrible using all your nutritious vegetables only to end up disliking the final outcome because the taste is far from what you’ve expected. Although, you can still improve its taste by adding honey or sweeteners but the disappointment is still there. 

Fortunately, there is a convenient solution to this dilemma and that is to use an apple to your juicing recipe. Apple goes along well with most juicing combinations. Juicing is like an art, so it would really take tons of trial-and-error before perfecting certain recipes but it is good to know that apples can help you on that.

Save your fruit scraps or leftover veggies.

Make use of your food containers when keeping your fruit scraps and leftover veggies. Some people tend to throw away their chopped up veggies or fruits when cooking their meals. However, it would be much wiser and more convenient to refrigerate them. 

This could also be an effective waste reduction habit. Not to mention that it could also be a time-saver. Whenever you need some pieces of fruits or veggies to add to your juice recipe you already have some on your fridge, ready to be thrown into your juicer.

Juice press larger quantities ahead of time.

If you see busy days are coming or if there are guests coming over in a few days, it is best to get yourself prepared. You can juice press larger quantities in advance, so you’ll never have to find yourself getting frantic when all you want is to fill the tummies of your guests with healthy juices. 

Do not forget to seal these properly so that you’ll have long lasting juices in your fridge. It is best if you use sealed air-tight containers or mason jars for storing juices. It will prevent your juices from oxidizing, making them fresh for a long period of time.

Juice pressing is your convenient way to making tasty and healthy juices. If you are a health enthusiast or a person who just wanted to achieve good health, then juicing is one great inclusion to your daily routine.

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