Info Sharing: Honda CBR1000RR Traction Control And Chassis Upgrades Literbike Mods

Motorcycle enthusiasts know there are two kinds of riders: cruisers and racers. When you pick out the Honda CBR1000RR, there’s no question that you fall into the latter category. It’s not always easy to know what performance and appearance mods you need to truly trick out your ride. If you’re looking to dominate on and off the track, here are some of the best motorcycle parts and accessories that will make sure your bike has what it takes.

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More than Fair
Everyone wants to make sure that their ride gets noticed whether they’re in a race or on the highways. The most dramatic way to alter the look of your ride is to change out the fairings for a different style.

Traditionally, replacement OEM motorcycle fairings are an easy option, letting you get your ride back to top-shelf looks for the next big race. However, consider looking for aftermarket options to spice things up and make sure everyone knows who’s taking the lead.

Not a Tired Look
If it’s better the traction you're looking for, swapping out stock tires for a more racing-friendly design is definitely the way to go. Using slicks on the track are an excellent way to take on those corners while gripping the pavement with ease.

Don’t forget to swap them out for street treads when you’re off the track. Slicks really live up to their name when there’s even the slightest bit of wetness on roadways. And, if you're storing or transporting your motorcycle, consider buying motorcycle wheel chocks. Learn more @ about these wheel stoppers. 

Taking a Turn
It’s not just car enthusiasts who can have all the fun. Getting your hands on an attractive set of motorcycle rims can do wonders for both look and traction, making sure you look like a winner even when it’s not race day.

Replacing OEM parts and upgrading to aftermarket kits can let your personality shine through your racing bike. The next time you’re shopping for the best motorcycle parts and accessories online, make sure you keep traction and aesthetics in mind!

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