Getting Your Bronze on By Self-Tanning at Home

Getting Your Bronze on By Self-Tanning at Home 

Summer is here! Unfortunately, after a particularly cold and wet first half of the year, it came about suddenly. Since you may not have been prepared, you need to take quick action.

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Setting Your Base Tan

You need a base tan, so you don't burn at the pool or on the beach. You can go to a tanning bed parlor or spray tan salon. However, not only do they cost a bit they can also cause uneven coloring. You need to be able to control the way it happens.

So, why not spray tan at home? It costs less, you can control the process, and it's done in private. In addition, you can also find a best at home spray tan machine to emulate what you get at the salon.

Of course, you don't want to keep spraying until your beyond golden. Nor do you want to spray one side of your body and leave the other blank. So, some guidelines are required to achieve a perfect at home spray tan.

Choose the Right Spray Tan Products

The first thing to do is select the proper spray tan solution that fits your skin tone. Consider ones that have a staying power of one week or more and don't easily wash off after the first application. In addition, review their ingredients and DHA percentage to see if any might cause irritation or allergic reactions once applied.

Prepare for Spray Tan

Preparation is important when initiating a spray tan at home. Areas could be missed or discolored if this isn't done.

First, shower and dry off to remove any lotions, perfumes, or deodorants. Before or during the shower, exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells. Not doing this can leave uneven patches.

Do not apply makeup This could cause the spray tan to run or congeal. Also, tie your hair back and cover it with a shower cap. And make sure to wear protective eye covers to prevent injury.

Next, add moisturizer to a few locations. Make sure your eyebrows are covered to prevent them from turning orange during application. Also cover dry areas like elbows, feet, ankles, and hands. Without this, the spray tan will be quickly absorbed without coloring the outer skin.

Sit in an area where you can easily spray your entire body in phases. Place a mirror nearby to track facial treatments. And have a friend or someone else nearby help you work on places you can't reach.


Use a quality spray tan machine and begin the spray tan application on the lower half of your body. This helps avoid awkward tan lines as you bend over. Do this in an up and down motion with the spray nozzle about eight inches away. Use more on your calves and thighs and less on your feet and ankles.

From there, work toward the middle of your torso. This is where you may need your helper. Spray the front first, then each side, and the back last. Again, use even, up and down strokes.

From there, move to the upper torso. Lightly spray the chest area as it is not only absorbent but also prone to irritation. Also do light work around the armpits. This is also when you need to spray your arms with a light touch on the wrists.

Finally, work the face in sections and finish with the top of your hands. Dab the nails with a dry cloth to remove any excess spray tan.


Dress in loose, dark clothes and don't shower for eight hours. This gives the spray tan time to absorb into the skin and change the pigment. After this time, look into a mirror to examine the results.

If one area is darker than the others, it can be lightened with a lemon wedge or juice. The fruit's acid interacts with the spray tan to remove shading. If it's too light, make sure the area is completely dry and clean before spraying again.

Tanning at home doesn't have to be a chore. Get some friends together for a spray tan party so you can help each other out. Then, head out to the beach or pool the next day with golden, healthy skin.

Meta description: Summer is here, and so is going out with a beautiful tan. And you can achieve it by self-tanning at home with the right procedures and products.

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