Are You a Shoe Lover? 5 Essential Things to Look for in a Shoe

Are You a Shoe Lover? 5 Essential Things to Look for in a Shoe

Whether you are a jogger, a runner, adding to your shoe collection, replacing a worn out pair, or a beginner on the hunt for a quality pair of shoes, this article will guide you on how to make a good conscious decision while on the prowl for the right ones.

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1. Finding the right Fit

You are certainly familiar with the saying if the shoe fits, but that doesn’t apply when you are looking for a good shoe. There is so much more to ‘fitting’ than most of us are aware of. For starters, you need to know your pronation; that is how your feet strike from heel to toe as you walk or run. Much like having a fingerprint, your feet have their pronation print. 

While it is not as individual-specific, people, in general, have three pronation strikes; neutral-pronation, where striking starts with the outside of the heel to the ball of your feet to evenly distribute the stress of walking or running impact. 

Over-pronation happens when you have a flat foot or lower foot arch; you will realize that your foot strike tends to focus on rolling more on the inside, towards the ball of your feet. Under-pronation happens when you have a higher foot arch that, in turn, forces your foot strike to lean more towards the outside edges of your feet.

To help you determine your foot arch, take the ‘wet test’ where you would stand with wet bare feet on a paper then notice the extent of arching your foot imprint. Now that you are aware of your pronation strike, it’s time to choose the right type for a shoe that suits you.    

2. Shoe Type

Many people confuse the type with the style. While style and color combinations will always remain subjective, you need to know the best shoe type that will serve your purpose and is compatible with your pronation strike. If you are an overpronator, you need to target a shoe that will help control your motion and prevent your feet from rolling on the inside. If you are an overpronator, you need to target a shoe that will help control your motion and prevent your feet from rolling on the inside. You can check out, which has a variety of options that are designed to fit over different types of feet. This online store offers shoes in both men's and women's sizes, so you can find a style that fits well and prevents your feet from rolling. 
Those shoes tend to have a wide side and straight shaped lines on the bottom. However, shoes which have a slight curve on the side and semi-curved lines on the bottom are your perfect type if you possess a neutral-pronation strike. But if you are an under-pronator with a high foot arch, you would need to look for curved shoes which offer neutral cushioning to absorb the impact stress your feet would not do on their own.

Apart from this, if you are a cooking lover then we would suggest you to get yourself a pair of comfortable kitchen shoes as it will allow you to do all the stuff comfortably. You can visit this site for a great variety of the best kitchen shoes. 

3. Versatility is your Best Friend

Even if you are a shoe lover, you will still appreciate a pair that will serve your everyday versatile situations, not just running. Your best option would be to go for a pair of shoes that are cross-training, which you can wear comfortably whether you are walking, at the gym, or running the marathon. However, the greatest advice remains that if you are a runner or a jogger, investing in running shoes would save your knees and feet, and ensure an enjoyable run.

Always keep in mind where you are running, the nature of your track or road, and your weight, to find your best fit.

4. Durability

A reliable shoe can take you anywhere, and not just the gym, and that should literally be one of the major factors to bear in mind when making your purchase. You need shoes that can withstand the test of time, harsh climate changes, and rough roads. 

While there is no such thing as specific mileage or time duration for a good shoe to be marked as durable, most runners would find themselves reaching for a new pair every four to six months. Also, if the upper of the shoes of your choice are made of synthetic leather or nylon, this usually indicates durability as both materials are marked for resilience.

5. Price

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It’s a matter of how much you want to invest when you go out shoe shopping, yet, when it comes to running shoes, the outdated conception entails the higher the price tag, the more comforting and technologically advanced the shoes are. But as mentioned, this is old school thinking. 

You can always find a fine pair with all new foam, memory, and gel needed with an affordable price. So don’t overdo it. A good pair of quality running shoes usually would range from $90 to $250. But as much as you don’t want to overpay for a good pair of shoes, you would also not want to cut costs on this decision because you would be saving yourself from serious knee injuries that you would need to spend so much more on to treat. 

Your move!

Now that you know better, you can purchase better. However, one stipulation remains that there is no escaping the hurtful blisters and bruised toes unless you determine your perfect fit. If you fail to do so yourself, you can always get your feet professionally evaluated first at a local running store.

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