How Much Would It Typically Cost You To Rent A Film Studio In South Florida

How Much Would It Typically Cost You To Rent A Film Studio In South Florida

If you’re new to the South Florida region, or to the film industry itself, you’re probably wondering about how the whole studio renting game works around here. That’s what we’re here to explain. Generally, there are three factors that have quite an effect on the overall renting cost of your studio.

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Lighting and Equipment

First off, let’s get the extra items out of the way before we get to the standalone price of the studio. Some people in the business find it better to rent lighting equipment from the same studio rental company. 

The upside to that is for an average starting cost of $300; you can have the company customize the lighting setup you need, as well as, have a technician on set to help with everything. Of course, keep in mind that you’ll be paying more for programmable lighting.

On the other hand, if you want standard lighting, it will cost you around $100; it depends on how much lighting equipment you need. While you may not end up with the variety of equipment you can get independently, working with a studio guarantees that you’ll be getting their experience. 

After all, professionals, who truly know their studios, can definitely offer you some helpful advice on the equipment it takes to achieve the best lighting. Plus, by taking package deals, you’ll be building strong connections with studio heads.

The Type of Your Studio

Now, let’s get down to business. Being a state in one of the most influential countries in the history of cinema, it’s no surprise that Florida houses a large variety of studios with all types of props. What does this mean to you as a producer? Well, it means that the cost of a studio is dependent on your company of choice and their film studio rental pricing policy – yes, it may differ from that of a music video studio and from a sound studio, too.

The standard minimum renting period for most film studios is usually four hours. Now, in general, the average starting price per four hours is $400. However, depending on the props you require, as well as, the studio setup, your price might differ. Most companies offer common sets like police stations, prison cells, restaurants, and such; they all range around the same price we’ve mentioned before. 

However, if you need to pimp up your location with a haze machine, or a backlit wall background, you’ll need to pay more, definitely; a haze machine will cost you $50, but the more complex backgrounds can range from $200 and above.

Not to mention, you can choose from several greenscreen packages, and use the studio’s in-house post production services with a starting cost of $500 for most companies.

Expertise and professionalism are important; everyone knows that. Financially speaking, in South Florida, those two elements can cost you a minimum of $50 per hour. During our research, we found that the minimum price for the additional hour of studio time costs about $50. 

If your cast and crew know what they’re doing; if they don’t take too long during and between takes, you’ll be in and out within your original period. On the contrary, if your team isn’t as efficient, you’ll have to spend more time, effort, and money. You’d be surprised how much your team’s expertise can save you.
The Grand Total

It is an unquestionable fact that you want the best for your production without putting a heavy load on your budget. If you take our three factors into consideration, you’re going to be looking at a starting price of $700 per four hours. However, keep in mind that this price can always go higher or lower, depending on your business skills. 

If you have enough know-how and connections, you can land yourself a good package deal or even a valuable discount. With that being said, we wish you good luck on your next project!

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