Loves The Waves? Here's What You Ought to Consider About Surfing

If you’re like most, you’ve probably fallen in love with the waves from all the classic surf movies. Who doesn’t love watching an underdog beat the absolute crap out of a professional douche, right? Well, in case you’ve actually decided to get off your couch, buy your first surfboard and take up surfing, we have some things we think you should know about. In the aims of softening the blow of reality against your beautiful bubble of expectations, we’ve decided to jot down what we need to share; just a list of things you should consider.

Each wave is unique

“Every person is a unique snowflake,” is not what we’re about here, but when it comes in waves, the phrase applies. When surfing, you’re dealing with mother nature directly, and she is not predictable. This means that every wave you’ll be riding is going to be different. Why does this matter? 

Simply, because depending on each wave’s speed, height, as well as, your location, you are going to take important decisions. When should you start pedaling and where should you wait for the wave, for example. Think of it this way: waves are like skateboarding ramps and pipes. The way you ride a tiny ramp will differ from the way you ride a giant half-pipe. Don’t worry, though. Understanding waves is a skill that you’ll develop as you spend more time in the water.

It’s not just a surfboard

When buying a surfboard, you shouldn’t pick your board based on the cool designs. Yes, this sentence is glass-shattering, we understand. The thing is, each type of surfboard serves a different purpose, and can affect your learning process greatly. When starting out, professionals recommend you try groveler surfboards since, they’re easier to maneuver. 

Unfortunately, we can’t provide more information about groveler surfboards, but, if you’re still interested, you can read this guide on groveler surfboard for beginners. However, what we can provide are a few tips. First, make sure your first board has a lot of volume. Second, let the type of waves you’ll be riding dictate your choice of board. Finally, if you can’t make up your mind, feel free to rent a board until you feel confident enough to buy your own. 

There’s such a thing as surf etiquette

One thing the movies actually depicted right is, the hostility between surfers. Now, obviously this doesn’t apply everywhere, but, depending on the location where you’ll be surfing, the attitude of the local surfers towards visitors will differ. So, be mindful of your behavior until you get the vibe. Not only that, but at all times you need to make sure that you’re not stealing someone’s wave. The last thing you want to be known as is ‘the jerkass wave snatcher’. 

Surfing is a beautiful activity that will leave you more in touch with nature than any other activity would. In fact, we encourage you to start right now. Nevertheless, before you do, make sure you keep in mind the differences between the image movies have built and the reality of surfing. This will help you stay safe, remain considerate, and will definitely help you advance faster as a surfer.

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