Why People Choose Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Why People Choose Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

When we think of an engagement ring, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the diamond solitaire: a bright, sparkly, precious and durable naturally occurring gem that has been produced by the earth for centuries.

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However, when you trawl Google or Pinterest for engagement ring ideas, you will discover there is an abundance of alternatives which include lab created diamond, Moissanite Rings, and Cubic Zirconia.

Since Cubic Zirconia made an appearance in the jewelry industry about four decades back, CZ is getting quite popular as more men are settling for it to propose to their partners. In fact, in 2018, about one in sixteen women got proposed to with a CZ engagement ring.

Here are a few reasons From BBBGEM why proposing with Cubic Zirconia engagement rings make sense and is a growing trend.

1. CZ Stones are Brilliant

The clear, flawless stone emits a fiery sparkle which makes it great for engagement rings. It is even more attractive when used in a gold, silver or precious metal setting which presents the sort of timeless beauty found in a diamond engagement rings. If you want quality craftsmanship and beautiful clear stones that have no inclusion in them, then choose cubic zirconia

For many years, lab created cubic zirconia has been created and used for rings and pieces of jewelry and it continues to soar in popularity as savvy buyers keep falling in love with the glistering elegance in perfectly-cut synthetic stones. Watch her face light up with a bright smile as the CZ beauty and brilliance sparkles wherever she goes.

2. There are Many Style Combinations

You can mark your unique engagement in different combinations with cubic zirconia because it blends with settings and other stones seamlessly. You can combine your bright cubic zirconia with diamonds and even choose customized settings like two-tone setting. The stone catches light from all directions with extraordinary clarity and thus makes for the perfect ring for her finger. With semi-mount settings, you can choose to finish off your special diamond and cubic zirconia engagement ring with a perfect center stone.

3. Opulent and High Quality Options

You will find cubic zirconia in different luxurious colors sizes and shapes similar to diamond that allows you to customize your engagement ring to give a statement piece that stands out of the crowd.

You can choose simple, solitaire settings or amazing, designer-inspired CZ wedding ring sets made from multiple stones. CZ cuts can be made in brilliant round, princess, emerald and marquise cuts in different sizes and settings. All you need do for this is choose a color that reflects your personality and the future for you and your bride-to-be.

4. Support a Better Earth

Mainstream ecological awareness and consciousness is at an all-time high, buyers are now settling for stones that are made from innovative thinking which protects natural resources and ensure more employment opportunities in the creative synthetic gemstone industry. Buyers now prefer Cubic Zirconium wedding jewelry for engagement to wedding rings because of this.

As couples seeking better alternatives to keeping our planet safe and better, cubic zirconia gemstone makes for a bold position statement. Go for cubic zirconia if you want to satisfy your conscience for keeping green as well as complementing your refined fashion sense.

5. Affordability

Cubic Zirconia is quite affordable, especially when compared to its closest counterpart, diamond which is one of the world’s most expensive stone. With selection and care, you can get an heirloom quality CZ stone for a fraction of the cost of a diamond of same size and setting. CZ is perfect in any size, shape or cut but most of all, they are affordable compared to the rare flawless diamonds which increase with size and cut.

With Cubic Zirconia, you can get more complex settings and stones that are larger over diamonds got from mining operations that are expensive. It costs less to produce CZ and to get to the marketplace, which means you can save move on your engagement ring choice whilst not compromising on quality or beauty.

6. CZ Wedding Jewelry as Accessory

A gorgeous cubic zirconia ring is not just great for an engagement ring but works for other costume jewelry as well. Prices are so affordable which makes it easy to make more than one choice for ring and accessories. You can wear your CZ in your right hand as a beautiful ornamental piece or on the left hand for a girls’-night out.

7. Protect Your Investment
Diamond solitaire engagement rings can cost thousands of dollars, which makes it difficult to wear while traveling. However, elegant cubic zirconium alternative provides a safe and practical option of wearing your jewelry investment no matter where you may be.

A CZ engagement ring will look optically close to a real diamond and the difference will be difficult to tell. More so, CZ jewelry is flawless and is equivalent to Grade F on the diamond’s clarity chart. Cubic Zirconia has no inclusions or flaws which makes its appearance completely brilliant, unlike the naturally occurring diamond stone.

8. Ease of Replacement

Diamonds are forever, but they like any other engagement ring, it can go missing and being so expensive, it might take a better part of your finance trying to replace and customizing it again.

Losing a ring is not unusual. Stories and videos abound on the internet of people who misplaced or dropped expensive engagement wedding rings and could never get it back. This is while CZ serves as a perfect option for an engagement ring and even other forms of jewelry. They are not expensive and if they go missing, are easier to replace.

9. Hardness/Scratch Resistance

One of the main things to keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring is how durable the material is. At 8.5 on the Mohs scale, CZ engagement ring is hard and is very durable. It is resistant to scratching or hard-hitting and your partner can wear the ring all year and never be afraid of getting damaged.

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