5 Best WhatsApp Add-Ons

5 Best WhatsApp Add-Ons

The native functionality of WhatsApp is enough to cover all messaging needs. A WhatsApp desktop (free download) app has most of the tools needed to satisfied the most advanced PC user.

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While there are dozens of built-in features aimed at improving user experience and making online communication enjoyable and effortless, there’s always room for growth and improvement.

Knowing the ever-growing desire of its audience to upgrade their favorite messenger, WhatsApp enables extensions The user community has created dozens of impressive add-ons capable of fully redesigning and further improving your messaging experience.

From managing multiple accounts on the same device to hiding your presence, there are add-ons for everything. In the post, we’ll review the top 5 WhatsApp add-ons each user should have downloaded long ago.

What’s a WhatsApp extension?

Such extensions work for the web-based version of WhatsApp. In order to add new features to the messenger, you’ll have to either use Chrome or Opera. WhatsApp extensions don’t invade the privacy or change the interface of the chat app on a major scale. While they can add new elements to the window, it’ll still feel a lot like using a regular client.

All the extensions listed below are available on a publisher’s website or at Google Chrome store. You don’t have to download any software or use system memory to benefit from these add-ons.

Top 5 WhatsApp Web Extensions

1. WikiBot - look anything up on Wikipedia

Link for downloading: official website 

WikiBot is a WhatsApp extension that allows users to look up definitions on Wikipedia. All a user has to do is to send an unknown word - the definition of it will arrive instantly. WikiBot is a simple yet convenient add-on that’ll allow you to look up tech terms or find out more about a famous person without having to google and switch tabs.

Note: Keep in mind that WikiBot only provides concise definitions, approximately a paragraph per word. In case you want to have more information on a term or a personality consider using traditional Wikipedia instead.

2. Hide Media - hide WhatsApp Web photos and videos

Link for downloading: Chrome Store

By default, WhatsApp loads all media sent to a user. Normally, it’s not a big deal and is even convenient. However, in case you use a web application in a public space, you might want to consider protecting personal media from eavesdroppers. HideMedia is a perfect extension for that.

The image will be blurred once Hide Media is activated. It’ll load anyway, and you can reveal the contents by hovering the cursor over to the picture. To view a video, hover the mouse and press the “Play” button.

Hide Media is a simple extension efficient enough to provide all-time privacy protection.

3. WA Toolkit for Google Chrome - change the way messages are displayed

Link for downloading: Google Chrome Store

WA Toolkit is an easy-to-use extension that allows the users of WhatsApp web to improve the view of messages. Here’s what the tool will help you accomplish:

● Full-width display of chat bubbles - default WhatsApp doesn’t use the monitor’s full screen while showing messages;

● Seeing all the unread messages without having to open the WhatsApp window;

● A way to read messages without getting a ‘Seen’ label;

● Be notified about connectivity issues - a green badge icon in the top part of the screen will turn orange if your Internet connection is weak;

● Desktop notifications for WhatsApp messages - you know about incoming messages even after closing the Chrome tab.

4. WhatsAdd - faster messaging

Link for downloading: Google Chrome Store

WhatsAdd is another powerful Chrome extension for WhatsApp. It provides a messenger user with more than a handful of features capable of saving time and improving communication efficiency.

Here’s a brief rundown on the most attractive features of WhatsAdd:

● Custom message presets;
 Add emojis in one click while typing;
 Improved file saving system;
 Advanced message formatting.

The extension is mainly business-faced - however, it’s worth exploring even if you use the messenger for personal chats only.

5. WhatsApp Business

Link for downloading: official website

WhatsApp Business doesn’t differ globally from the default version of the messenger. However, it does have a few new tricks up its sleeve. For one thing, there are presets for frequently written messages - a major time-saver for companies.

Also, you’ll be able to use two different accounts for a personal and business account meanwhile the app will show your messages for both registered numbers.

WhatsApp extensions are a good way to improve the user experience while enjoying the usual interface of the app. Using these add-ons will provide more flexibility, comfort, and enjoyment to your personal and professional communication.

As for now, there aren’t many WhatsApp extensions available - hopefully, the list will become more extensive in the future. WhatsApp add-ons prove the power of community in changing and improving the platform - all left for the app users is to benefit from it to the fullest extent.

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