Need to Send Money To Your Loved Ones? Send it Online Now

Need to Send Money To Your Loved Ones? Send it Online Now

Gone are the days where you had to send your loved ones bank notes or a check via post office or courier companies. These methods are expensive and one has to wait for several weeks or even months to get the package. Traditional methods of money transfer led to delays in the payment of bills and other fees. The recipients used to get frustrated since they had to go through tough times and sometimes they had to pay fines due to late payment.

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The advent of the internet has allowed individuals and businesses to make online payments. When sending money overseas, there are many options at your disposal these days. One illustration is when you send money from Canada to India. There are many good choices in which you can choose the best exchange rate regarding sending money from Canada to India. E-payment remittances are one of the outcomes of the internet on online payments.

E-payment allows you to send money to someone within your country or overseas with little or no additional costs. You can authorize an online payment at the comfort of your sofa. What you need is just a Smartphone, tablet or a computer machine and an internet connection. Here are some main advantages of online payment.

Online payment is secure

Sending your loved one a package with banknotes is risky since someone can easily unwrap it and access the money. Nowadays, all E-payment gateways use secure https to do transactions. 

This secure protocol prevents people from stealing your personal information and login credentials. The servers run strong encryption algorithms that keep your money safe from individuals with malicious intents.

Low transaction costs

A check needs postage; this means that you will incur the additional cost of making a trip to the post office and paying a postage fee. You will pay more if the destination of the package is far away or overseas. Furthermore, you have to make trips to your bank to get new checkbooks. 

It is always cheaper to send money online than to send a check or direct wire transfer. Online money transfer charges less to convert your money to a different currency. Moreover, you might not pay any additional transaction costs if you are sending money abroad.

Convenient and faster

Most online payment systems can process your transactions in a few business days. This is faster as compared to traditional forms of payments such as checks and cash. Checks take more days to clear and the recipient can get frustrated if the money is needed urgently. 

Furthermore, people who receive check payment waste a lot of time in long queues at their banks waiting to be served. There is no line when it comes to online payment since the servers handle hundreds of thousands of transactions in a minute. Unlike banks, which have opening and closing time, you can do an online money transfer at any time of the day.

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The Internet has made it easier to send and receive money from our loved ones. Online payment is convenient, fast, simple, secure and cheaper. However, the cost of the transaction might vary according to the online payment company and the amount you want to send. 

Online payment has no restriction since you can send money during daytime or at night. If you are sending money overseas, always confirm if an e-payment company operates in the recipient’s country before authorizing your transaction since the money can become inaccessible.

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