Crossfit Newbie? What To Wear To The Gym?

Crossfit Newbie? What To Wear To The Gym?

So, you finally decided that you want to try out CrossFit and are a bit skeptical. Or it may be that your fitness gear aren’t designed for CrossFit. Lay your fears aside because once you are done reading this piece, you’ll be glad you checked it out. Crossfit, as most of us have come to hear about, is a high-intensity workout routine that trains people of all sizes, ages, and shapes to improve their well being as well as that their physique. It’s a combination of high-intensity varied movements that require proper workout gear. There are so many fitness brands in the market today, all with the promise of comfort and flexibility; and finding the right gear may be overwhelming. So, if you are a CrossFit newbie, here’s what to wear to the gym.

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Though you can still show up to the gym in your old running shoes, you’ll at some point require flat footed sneakers in your workouts. These will help you during technical workout procedures and routines such as rope climbing, box jumping, and walking lunges. 

You are required to wear shoes that support your feet when running as well as shoes that provide you with comfort and flexibility and for the specifics, you will want to learn more about CrossFit Shoes here to make your time at the gym worthwhile. You don't want to get into the gym without proper attire, and getting the right kind of shoes will help ensure that you are not only safe, but it will also keep your energy levels elevated.  

Tanks and Breathable T-Shirts

One thing you need to know is that CrossFit workouts are tough, especially things such as pull-ups, kettlebells, thrusters, burpees, and deadlifts. This is no secret! This means that you'll be sweating hard throughout the routines. It's for this reason that you'll want to invest in tanks and tees that don’t irritate and distract, allow you to move with ease while at the same time, keeping you dry and cool. Such will come with the following features;

Mesh inserts
Fitting and slim
Sports Bra

For the ladies, you'll be running and jumping like crazy! Wearing a supportive bra during your workouts will offer much more than just comfort. Remember, the supportive tissues in the breasts will not help much against gravity and other pressures. You, therefore, want to invest in a high-quality bra that prevents against irreversible damages that may occur during your CrossFit workout routines. Such bras should have the following features:

Supportive fabric
Mesh inserts
Padded and adjustable straps
Support against high impacts

Tights or Shorts

Some CrossFit workout routines involve squatting, lunging, and jumping. The last thing you want is for your parts to be overly tight, restricting your movements while at the same time not breathable. It's very important to invest in Crossfit training shorts that are stretchy and those that will allow you to move with ease. They should have the following features;

Mesh inserts for cooling
Flexible and breathable

Wicking Socks

Don’t think that your regular socks will suffice in your CrossFit workouts! You’ll need the right socks to keep your feet cool and dry. It's also important to factor in the aspect of comfort. Now, these socks should have wicking features as well as an ergonomic touch.

Looking good in your workout routine is the very first step to achieving the desired results. Your outlook has a lot of effect on your morale and energy. Investing in the right workout gear will go a long in not only providing the much-needed comfort, but also in supporting your body through the rigorous activities.

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